How To Clear All YouTube History In iPhone

How To Completely Clear History In YouTube

YouTube one of the best online video streaming service. You can easily watch videos on YouTube through android device and iOS device using Android app and iOS app.

But, after watching lots of video on YouTube iOS app you want to delete. You can easily clear history youtube from your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Deleting YouTube History In iPhone, iPad and iPod

So while watching videos on YouTube in middle of watching of video if you watched something objectionable you should delete or clear the watch history on Youtube in your iPhone or iPad before your kids take your device from you.

Step 1 : 

Launch the YouTube iOS app on your iPhone and login in with your google account

Step 2 : 

Tap on the Menu (three parallel lines icon ) on the left side.

The next screen opened with your YouTube account details. That has features including Home, My Channel, Subscription etc.

Step 3 : 

Tap on the History icon, You will see all youtube videos that you've watched til the date. To delete all watched videos go to the right corner. Tap on Dustbin icon to clear history.

Step 4 : 

Once you've tap on dustbin icon, a dialog box pop up on your iPhone screen for conformation to delete videos. In it tap on "Clear History".

All Video that you've watch on YouTube from your iPhone or some other iOS device now will be deleted it. Do it before is youtube down.

Video Tutorial :


New Invention To Measures UV Exposure Through Tiny Wearable Device

L'oreal Wearable Device To Measure UV Exposure

L'Oreal Develops Group a new tiny wearable device that use to measure UV exposure on your skin. As we all know UV rays on skin cause skin cancer however their is lot of sunscreen that protect your skin from getting damage.

It's way to hard to mastering the perfect sun protection routine isn't easy for everyone with SPF serums to chalky lotions available in the market.

But, how you measure UV damage your skin handling.

L'oreal company has developed a tiny invention that's about to help us to monitor UV exposure on our skin.

Loreal Introduced This Tiny Wearable Device Sticker to Measure UV Exposure Using a App

User can measure its skin damage using a associated app (iOS and Android ) through cell phone.

To See L'oreal Wearable Device in Action Watch This Video


How To Recover Password In Betheda

If you've forgotten the password of your Betheda account and want to recover it.  You can easily recover password of your account if you follow given below steps guides.

Step 1 : 

Go to Betheda Password Recovery web page

Step 2 : 

Enter your username and Hit Next button

Step 3 : 

You received an email from Betheda, The email contain link for changing password Click on it.

Step 4 :

You will redirect to the web page for changing password. Enter new password and also conform it

How To Change Phone Number in Dropbox

Dropbox one the best data storage cloud  platform where you can upload and download your photos, videos and document.

What you do if your Cell Phone was stolen. The first thing many cell phone owner do is changing the phone number on their online accounts. So if want to change phone number on dropbox you can easily do it your self without hiring any body.

Changing Phone Number In Dropbox

In cloud computing service providers comparison dropbox is best and you don't want you account to get hacked. To change phone number on your dropbox account follow the given below steps.

Step 1 : 

Login into your Dropbox account

Step 2 : 

Click on your Name and from drop down list Click on Settings 

Step 3 : 

Go to Security tab, Under dropbox two factor authentication, Click Edit

Step 4 : 

Enter your password and Click Next

Note : Select how you want to receive security code

Step 5 : 

Enter your Phone Number Click Save.

The number you've entered on above step on that you received a  6 digits security code through message. So picked up your cell phone and open messages > dropbox message

Step 6 : 

Enter the 6 digits security code on device from which you changing cell phone number in your dropbox account.


 Step 7 : 

Now enter any other cell phone number that you want to used for cloud back up dropbox. In case if you forget your primary phone number you can use backup mobile number to recover dropbox account.

Conclusion of the Article

We hope this article will helped you to know how to change cell phone number on dropbox account. In my view drop is best cloud service for storing photos and more. If you've have question related to dropbox you ask us.

Give your views on this article through comment box.

How To Reset iBook Library on Mac / iPad

Apple iBook offer users to read online book through their mac or windows computer. But sometimes due to some errors you can't access or open appleibook on your mac.

To fix this issue you've to reset ibook. In this article we demonstrate how you can reset Apple iBook on you mac and iPad.

How To Reset iBook on Mac

First of before resetting ibook from your computer you must generate Back Up for safety purpose if somethings goes wrong you've to back up of  iBook data.

Close iBook if its running.  Test after taking each of the following steps that you haven't already taken. Stop iBook before going to next step.

Step 1 : 

Hold down the "Option" key and select Go > Library from Finder. Now from Library Folder, go the following items and delete it.


Step 2 : 

Now in this same way delete these two item

  • Preferences/
  • Containers/

Step 3 : 

Again go to Library Folder and find this (Containers/ item and move it to the desktop.

Log out from iBook and again log in. The iBook Library is totally empty now you can download free ibook or purchase ibook from ibook store.

How To Turn off Secure Content on Chrome

When you visited on any secure website that contain (https) in web browser including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari (Windows) and some other most secure web browsers.

When you've opened these secure websites on web browser it display a warning message that basically a security warning that says-  "This Page Has Insecure Content ".

If you want to enable or disable secure content on google chrome for securing your web browser. There is way to secure web browser but the main question is what is the most secure web browser ?

That is Google Chrome.

How Can I Secure Internet Browser

What is Secure and InSecure Contents in Web Browser ?

Basically when user visit in any secure website include,, and some other. These website used programming code such as CSS,  JavaScript etc. That may be served from different locations.

When the web page served over https server but the associated files is severed from non-secure connection (http). In this case web browser shows a insecure warning that related to network security.

Also Read : 8 Benefits of Using  HTTPS for Secure Connection

Disabling Secure Contents on Google Chrome Using a Command Line

So as you've already readed on title you can use a simple command line for enabling secure contents on web browser that you currently using on your computer. However all web browser not turn on secure contents through command such as internet explorer.

Step 1 : 

Go to the Start Menu and then move mouse pointer to Google Chrome and open its Properties

Step 2 : 

In Chrome Properties, Go to Shortcuts tab > Target 

Step 3 : 

Enter any one command lines after the target URL in target box.
  • –allow-running-insecure-content
  •  -no-running-insecure-content  
  • -no-displaying-insecure-content

Step 4: 

Click on Apply and then OK button

I hope this article will helped you to disable secure content on google chrome and provide some information about secure web browsers. if you want more information visit google supporting command line switch web page.

How To Switch Mouse buttons on laptop

Mouse of the best tool in computer that allow user to open anything on screen using a single click or onclick. Before 80's there is no mouse in computer and user has to open folders and files using command lines.

The first computer mouse was publicly introduced in 1968 by its inventor, Douglas C. Engelbart. 

But, Apple has introduced mouse on its first Apple Macintosh and after the mouse it taken over all computer. Because its benefits and time saving features. As we all know in mouse their is two mouse on left and right that function differently on computer.

In this modern we have laptop and some other smart  device that help us a lot. Basically a the proper definition of machine is "A Machine that help human to do work and consume time with money it called machine ".

Switching Mouse Buttons in Laptop

Laptop has build-in mouse and keyboard. So when due to some reasons keyboard stop working you can easily disable internal keyboard on laptop and use USB keyboard. However you can also disable mouse on laptop or switch the mouse buttons.

Step 1 : 

Open Control Panel through Start Menu.

Step 2 : 
In control panel, find and open Mouse Properties.

Step 3 : 

In next window, you see Mouse tab, you see Button Configuration

Step 4 : 

Now make trick on "Switch Primary and Secondary Button" to change mouse buttons.

Step 5 : 

Click on Apply and then OK button.

However you can also increase speed of your laptop mouse pointer or change the mouse pointer through pointer tab.

How To Hide / Show Empty Drives In Computer Folder

Empty Drives also a big issue for computer users specially for Windows and Mac. However don't use computer space but you can easily show or hide them on your computer folder.

In Windows, you can easily make empty drive viable or hide them.

Hide or Show Empty Drives Using Folder Option

The Folders in Windows is manage by Folder Options you can easily hide folder on computer and make them viable when you want. Same as that you can easily hide drives on computer folder using Folder Option.

Step 1 : 

Go to Start Menu and open Control Panel.

Step 2 : 

In Control Panel, find the Folder Options and open it and then switch it to View tab.

Step 3 : 

In this step, scroll down the side bar and find "Hide Empty Drivers in Computer Folder ". Trick on it using mouse to hide empty drives form your computer.

Step 4 : 

After Check or UnCheck, Click on Apply and then hit OK button.