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How To Remove Shortcut Virus In Windows 10

What is Shortcut virus? It’s a type of virus that created the duplicate shortcut of programs in the same folder. Accidentally when you open it the virus starts its attack or a virus threat start processing it will affect your system files. Previously, I have

change safari font

How To Change Safari Font In Mac OS X

How do I change Safari Font? Yes, you can change the font letters of Safari web browser.  Safari browser allows its users to change the font size.  If you’re facing problem in reading the fonts on safari web browser you can change them. Change Font

turn off incognito mode in youtube

Android: Watch Videos In Incognito Mode In YouTube

YouTube has now released an incognito mode that allows YouTube users to watch videos privately without having any history or save searches on YouTube. In this article, we going to show how to get YouTube Incognito mode and how to use it on android cell