How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Tab Device If Forgot Password


If you've forgotten password of your Samsung Galaxy Tab and want to unlock the device. To unlock the device such tablet without password you've to hard reset the tab which is also called factory format.

How To Reset Samsung Galaxy Tab 

Follow the step by step guides to hard reset the Samsung Galaxy Tab of any series or modal.

Step 1 : 

Turn off the device (Samsung Galaxy Tab).

Step 2 : 

Press and Hold the Volume Up and Power button at the same time.

Step 3 : 

When the start up screen, release all the buttons.

Step 4 : 

Use the Volume Up/Down button to navigate to "wipe data/factory reset".

Step 5 : 

Tap on the "wipe data/factory reset"

Step 6 : 

Tap on "Yes"  delete all user data.

Step 7 : 

Tap on "reboot system now".

How To Remove Partition Hard Drive In Mac

How Can I Delete Unwanted Hard Drive Partition on Mac 

We previously discuss how to partition a hard drive windows 7, and in this article we going to discuss how to remove a partition hard drive on mac.

As we all know using a partition of hard drive will divide the space of hard drive into drives however there are several partition types.

Partition a disk is not easy task for Mac users because if you don't proper way to how to make a partition then you're hard drive may be damage and you can't able to use it again. Same goes for deleting a partition of hard drive.

How To Delete Partition Hard Drive on Mac OS X

If you're thinking a manually doing partition of hard drive is not a good idea then in this case you can also use a external hard drive partition tools.

But, we recommend you make partition of hard drive without using any free partition tools that damage your computer hard drive.

"Before we start you must backup hard drive using Time Machine, In case if somethings goes wrong. "

Follow the given below guides to remove partition hard drive manually from Mac.

Before deleting the unwanted partition from Mac you've ease the partition and make sure to restart you computer in Main Partition.

Ease A Partition of Hard Drive on Mac OS X  

Step 1 : 

Open Finder from the dock. Select Applications

Step 2 : 

Open Utilities folder and then click on Disk Utility.

Step 3 : 

Select the partition you want to Ease. Click on Ease button

Step 4 : 

Click on Done.

Remove A Partition Hard Drive on Mac OS X 

After ease a partition you can then easily remove it using given below guides.

Step 1 : 

Choose the Main Partition drive which might called Fusion or Macintosh HD.

Step 2 : 

Click on the Partition. Select the Partition Hard Drive you want to delete.

Step 3 : 

Click on the Mini (-) button to remove the partition disk. Click on Apply.

Reformat Partition

If you these methods don't work for you then you can also try one more reformat partition given below.

Step 1 : 

Use another Mac and put yours into Target Mode. Open Disk Utilities on the other Mac to reformat and partition the drive. (Make sure the Mac OS X extended).

Step 2 : 

You can the install a system from the other Mac or disconnect it and do an internet install.

Step 3  : 

Connect the two computers with a FireWire or Thunderbolt cable.

Step 4 :

Start up the computer to be used as a disk in target disk mode. ( Apple menu > System Preferences > Startup Disk > Target Disk Mode. ).

Hope this article, will helped you to know  what is a hard drive partition and still if you're thinking how to partition external hard drive. Then I've to tell you that you can use same steps to make a external hard drive partition.

3 Ways To Move Files From Mac To External Hard Drive

How To Transfer Files from Mac to External Hard Drive Without Formatting

Mac OS X one of the best operating system for apple computers their are lots of series of computer available in Apple Stores. But sometimes performing several task on mac are very difficult in this article we gone show you how to migrate folders and files of mac to external hard drive.

So first of all you've to select the best external hard drive for mac backup from which you can easily restore important documents in case of reboot of mac. Generate a backup on mac of videos, photos and files on external drive.

How To Migrate Files From Mac To Hard Drive

It was easily to move files from mac to mac but moving files from mac to external hard drive is kind a hard which also relate to recover files from external hard drive.

However sometimes due to virus and some other error the data stored in external hard drive corporate and for to recover the files from external hard drive recovery software for mac.

Now focus on, given below steps by steps guides let you know how to transfer files from mac to external hard drive.

Move Files To External Hard Drive (Drag and Drop)

Step  1 

Connect the external hard drive to your mac using a USB cable and wait until the hard drive successfully connected to your computer. (Name of the drive should appear on your Mac screen).

Step 2 : 

Open "Finder", then locate the files to move to external hard drive.

Step 3 : 

Create a New Folder in hard drive, then drag each files you want to backup from Mac system to external hard drive.

Step 4 :

Close the external hard drive once all files moved to from mac to external hard drive.

Using Disk Utility To Transfer Files Mac To External Hard Drive

Sometimes you're external hard drive don't allow you to transfer files from Mac. Because its you hard drive may be formatted with NTFS which is normal in windows environment.

While OS X is able to READ from a drive that is formatted at NTFS, it cannot WRITE to one. You will get a warning saying that the drive cannot be modified. To fix this error you've to use Disk Utility. Remember to save everything to Mac before formatting the apple external hard drive.

How To Formatted External Hard Drive In Mac OS X

Step 1 : 

Plug-In external hard drive to Mac using USB cable. Wait until the hard drive name appear on Mac Desktop screen.

Step 2 : 

In Mac OS X disc into your mac and restart your computer. Continue pressing the "C" key when the system is starts.

Step 3 : 

Choose the language and then select Disk Utility from Utilities menu. Now select the disk which you want to connect to you mac and click on "Verify Disk".

Step 4 : 

Click on "Repair Disk" button to repair the external hard drive. Click on "New Image" and named you hard drive then select "128-bit" or "256-bit AES" from the encryption menu to add security to the backup.

Step 5 : 

Click on the "Save" button and type the administration password, Conform it. (Wait till process to begin ).

Step 6 : 

Now choose the new backup from the device. After completing the imaging process, select ''Image" and then Click on "Scan Image for Restore".

Step 7 : 

Press "Command Q" when scan completes and then again press same key to quit Mac OS X Installer window.

Reformat The External Hard Drive In Mac OS X

In my research. I've founded that lots of mac users how purchase a new hard drive for mac. When they connected that hard drive to Mac OS X system. The external hard drive successfully connected to mac but files can't transfer.

To resolve this issue, you've to reformat your external hard drive using Mac OS Extended option.

Step 1 : 

Connect hard drive to Mac via USB slots.

Step 2 : 

Now go to Utilities Folder > Disk Utility. Select the external hard drive.

Step 3 : 

As long as you don't have any important files in external hard drive, choose "Ease" Tab and then select "Mac OS Extended(Journaled)".

Step 4 : 

Enter the new named of drive and Click Erase.

I hope any of these methods will worked for you to transfer files from mac to external hard drive with or without formatting the drive. Give your feedback via comment box.

How To Disable Mouse Acceleration in Macbook

Mouse Acceleration is a feature that allow mouse pointer to move quickly with smoothness. However some laptop users not find mouse acceleration a useful feature and want to disable it. Lots of people don't know lot of about mouse acceleration they think its related to mice nocturnal. But not correct.

In Mac OS X machine if you don't want use mouse movement recorder you can easily turn off mouse acceleration.

Mac OS X stores the mouse and trackpad settings independently. If you want to disable acceleration on mouse along with trackpad you can also do it or instead of mouse you can only disable trackpad.

In this article, we guide how to turn off mouse and trackpad acceleration using a apple script that make lot easier to disable acceleration.

How To Turn off Mouse Acceleration In Mac OS X

You've to use Terminal to disable the acceleration mouse on you mac machine. First of all navigate to terminal go to System Preference > Applications > Uititles > Terminal.

Find Out Mouse Acceleration Speed In Mac

Step 1 : 

Open Terminal on your mac

Step 2 : 

Enter this following command line in terminal to know current value of mouse type.

Step 3 : 
At the terminal, you see the normal value of mouse acceleration is 0 - 3. This value is recorder by the moving the Tracking Speed slider in the mouse pane.

Disable Mouse Acceleration In Mac

Step 4 : 

To disable the mouse acceleration set the mouse type value by -1 using command line in terminal.

In my research I've founded that in the Terminal that seem to disable the acceleration and set up the mouse tracking speed to constant.

Undo Mouse Acceleration

If you would like to revert back the apple default settings of mouse tracking speed or mouse acceleration. Just open the Mouse pane of System Preference and change the Tracking Speed of Mouse.

How To Disable Trackpad In Mac 

As we all know mouse and trackpad work similar to each other. So if you instead of mouse acceleration you can also disable trackpad using a single command line via Terminal.

Command Line :

15 Useful Actions Of Automator For Mac

Since in this modern world using computers that reduce the wastage of time and allow machine users to explorer more. However there some third party program allow mac user to perform some task faster and more efficiently on Mac's.

Apple has develop some programs to give users more control on accessibility to Start, Stop, Pause, Remove, Backup and more through one programs. The program is called Automator.

If you thinking to use Automator on your mac, then first read out complete details of  functions that perform by automator.

  • Remain Group of Iteams In Finder 
  • Download Photos and Wallpaper from Web Pages
  • Easy Share of Photos, Videos 
  • Start Playing iTunes 
  • Single Click Outgoing Mail 
  • Switch Image Types 
  • Video Converter 
  • Create TO-Do Items 
  • Quite Apps Any Time
  • Automatically Copy Files To Another Folder 
  • Backup Files To Folder 
  • Remove Empty Playlist from iTunes
  • Automatically Run Specific Drive  
  • Download, Rename, Import into Aperture (Camera)
  • Create GarangeBand to Podcast

There would more features of Automator for different operating system such as Windows. However here we mention some important once that use in our daily life.

How To Turn off High Contrast In Windows 7

High contrast is used to see clearly the written text while surfing web pages on web browser such as Google Chrome and Firefox. The best example of perfect use of high-contrast on laptop when you're setting next to the window and heavy light coming from window make you hard to read text on your machine. 

But, using high contrast also cause some eye vision problems the perfect use of high contrast when the outside light brighter and you can't able to read the on screen text. So when you're in home or office you must turn off the high contrast on computer.

Disable High Contrast In Windows

In Microsoft Windows series including Windows XP to Windows 10 you can easily turn on and turn off high contrast.

However in this article, we demonstrate how you can turn off high contrast on windows 7. Because windows 7 was most used windows in computers globally.

In our research, we founded two ways from which you can turn off high contrast in windows. keep reading to know how.

Most easiest way, to turn on and turn off contrast in windows 7.

Step 1 : 

Go to Start Menu and in search box, Enter "Turn High Contrast Off" and hit Enter button.

Step 2 : 

In Personalization, Click on "Ease of Access Center ".


Step 3 : 

Click on "Setup High Contrast".

Step 4 : 

In next window "Make the computer easier to see".


Step 5 :

To Turn off  High-Contrast. Uncheck the box with named "Turn on and off High Contrast ".

If you would like use another way to to turn off high contrast you can use shortcut keys for disable high contrast in windows. The shortcuts keys are (Left ALT+left SHIFT+PRINT SCREEN) hit all three keys at some time to disable high contrast in windows.

Automatically Turn off High Contrast In Windows 

However some windows complain all of these above method doesn't work for them. So there is also another method which allow you directly disable high contrast.

Step 1 : 

Again go to Start Menu and in search box, enter "High Contrast Settings" and press enter button.

Step 2 : 

You see a new window Window color and appearance.

Step 3 : 

In it from drop down menu change the color scheme to the option of your choice that automatically remove high contrast from computer.


Use Command Lines To Turn On / Turn Off Bluetooth In Windows 10


Using Command Lines make easier to perform tasks in Windows and Mac OS X computer. However to run command lines in Windows you've to use Command Prompt and in Mac OS X  machine you can run apple scripts and command lines through Terminal.

But, one thing is clear that command line are handy for every computer users if you know how to use them properly to start a service or disable service using command lines.

How To Enable / Disable Bluetooth in Windows 10

Before that you've to install DevCon Tool on your computer running in Windows 10. DevCon is device console that basically used as elevated command prompt to perform command lines that includes - Enabled Device, Disable Device, Remove Device and Access Configure Windows.

Step 1:

Run elevated Command Prompt from desktop screen.

Step 2 :

Enter this following command line after editing the "Device ID Pattern".

Enable Bluetooth :

Disable Bluetooth :

You're probably thinking about Device ID pattern. To know how to find out device identification pattern goes here.

How To Find Hardware ID in Windows

Sometimes you need to locate hardware ID to resolved some issues such as if you them to some command line to enable or disable any device on your computer. You need a  device ID pattern.

In this article, we demonstrate how you can easily found and kind of hardware ID on your computer without wasting your time.

Locate Device ID Patten In Windows

Follow the given below guides to locate hardware ID's on your computer.

Step 1 : 

Go to Control Panel and and open Device Manager.


Step 2 : 

Now choose the device of which you want hardware ID. Example : Bluetooth.

Step 3 : 

Right-click on Bluetooth and select "Properties".

Step 4 : 

Move to Details tab, and go to Value is the Hardware ID of device.