Microsoft Edge Soon Support Open Source VP9 codec

Microsoft Edge Soon Support Open Source VP9 codec

Microsoft announced on its official post that soon newly launched Microsoft Edge default internet browser in Windows 10 soon going to support open source VP 9 codec for online steaming and playback feature on web browser.
Few day ago I posted the leak information regrading VP 9 Codec in Microsoft Edge, which officially conformed by Microsoft on Monday. Do you know why Microsoft changing Microsoft its video service. Because after the launch of Window 10 was installed in more than 75 million devices and after upgrading the previous windows to Windows 10 users facing issues like (BlackScreen, Sound DVD playback error 0x80040287, ActiveX Filter, windows cloud servers, Games Compatibility ) and other.
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According to the Microsoft blog post, soon Microsoft Edge supports open source WebM video with VP 9 codec which currently use YouTube for playing videos in 4K resolution videos. In Simple words VP 9 codec offer efficient compression to online stream in HD content at lower bitrates along with UHD stream.
Microsoft will support software decoding VP 9 but their hardware exits for software encryption Microsoft suggest to use VP 9 codec for better accessing to the software. That why now Microsoft adopt WebM videos VP 9 for Windows 10 default web browser Microsoft Edge.

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The Edge browser will support VP 9 codec is characterized by streaming using Media Source Extensions  in initial performance. Which is detected by MediaSource.isTypeSupported() API. The company also said its developer working on new project to support other codec such as OGG, Vorbis and Opus. Currently Opus codec is used by YouTube.
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Few months ago Microsoft signed agreement for Alliance for Open Media where popular companies such as Mozilla, Google, Cisco, Intel, Amazon and some other developer work to improve VP9 codec for better accessing in different devices.

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