How To Install Second Hard Disk on Windows 10

Install Second Hard Disk

Hard drivers was most important component of any computer because all the data such as videos, pictures, save images and windows was stored in it.

When you start saying my hard drive is full with the stuff that I don’t want to remove. In that case you’ve to setup a new hard drive on your computer to as a current storage. In which all upcoming data was stored.

It was not to easy to every computer users to install secondary hard drive on computer running on windows or some other operating system. There are some tips and trick you must know before installing secondary HHD on your computer.

Here you get information regarding installation process of second hard drive disk on windows.

What is Computer Hard Disk

Computer Hard Drive is a magnetic disk on which computer data was stored in different forms and extensions.The word Hard was used to distinguish to “floppy disk” But the fact is hard disk hold more data compare to floppy disks.

In most of the floppy disk the maximum storage capacity of 1.5 megabytes but in compassion to hard disk that was to low. Because a hard disk can store around 10 to 100 gigabytes.


How To Setup Secondary Hard Disk Case on Windows 10

You probably search a lot about this on web and gather some information about it. Which is good habit because before trying anything new you must research about on web or from your friends.

Although there are some tips which must know before installing hard disk on computer for example “You should need to unplug the primary HDD from the system before beginning the clean install process”. Otherwise you get operating system confusion.

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Installing Secondary Hard Disk on Windows

Before beginning you must determine which type of hard drive (HHD or SSD) you have to with Windows 10. To know about it read this article.

As you know you cannot install hard disk on any devices such you cant setup a new hard drive on laptop, all-in one computer, slimline desktop. You can only install a new hard disk on computer running on CPU.

If you’ve install Windows 10 on you desktop computer you can easily install a hard drive disk . On other hand if you’ve  have laptop running on windows 10 than you can only install external hard disk.

Now comes to the step by step guides of installing secondary hard drive.

Step 1 : Buy A Hard Disk


First of all buy an hard disk from online stores or from nearby computer hardware store.

Step 2 :  Make Backup of Data 

Although you we’re not make anticipating any problem, but it good to back up your important crucial data such as folders and document in case of any problem.

Step 3 :  Open Back of CPU or Tower

Most of the CPU’s cases can have their sides remove with two screws. You’ve to remove the CPU case from the side which don’t have motherboard face on it.


Hint :   Look at the back of the CPU and locate the USB and Mouse Port and remove opposite sides screws.

Step 4 : Locate Hard Drive and Connectors 

Inside of computer are quite confusing, So to find the hard disk check out on CPU look for the metal cage with some room to fit another one. Normally all kind of CPU’s have hard drives on the top of the system.

Step 5 : Insert the New Hard Disk 

Now after finding the room for the new hard drive, Insert the new hard drive with removable bay and secure with the screws.

Step  6 : Connect SATA Cable Into Motherboard 

You’ve to connect the SATA cable of new hard drive in the same way as SSD was already connect to the system with L-shaped end connected to the hard drive and other end of the cable connect to the motherboard system.

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Step 7 :  Turn on the Computer

When you complete installing new hard drive on computer and try to turn on your computer its show a error message ‘NTLDR is missing’ or ‘Operating system not present’.

If you see this error than don’t worry because computer system is trying to load the windows from new hard drive rather than SSD.

This issue was sorted out by Bios when computer boots up and Boot Menu.

Step 8 :  New Hard Drive Ready To Use 

When you turn on your computer, the new hard drive was not ready to use. Because you have to make some change on computer management settings before using a new hard drive. Basically you’ve to partition a hard disk drive to use it.


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