How To Reduce Size of Display Screen in Windows

Sometimes of all sudden you computer machine running on Windows 7 shutdown itself and when you try to restart your computer and after logon screen you notice change in  desktop screen resolution all the icon become larger in size along with task bar.

Although until now there is clue why computer running on different operating system shutdown itself. But after the shutdown the screen resolution was changed itself . You can  re-change the screen resolution easily without any problem.

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How To Reduce The Size of Display Screen in Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10

Basically display screen was control by Display driver installed on your Windows. If you recently upgraded your computer with Windows 10 than you have to update the display to fix this issue.


Changing Size of Display Screen on Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Consider that all display changes was maintain by Display settings of windows. So to change the size of the display screen you have to open Display Settings on your machine.

In Windows 7 and Windows Vista you can easily open to Display Settings by Control Panel but there is a shortcut also. That you know below.


Step 1 : 

Right Click on the Desktop Screen (Blank)

Size of Display Screen

Step 2 : 

Choose Screen Resolution from the list

Step 3 : 

In new pop Window, open Advance Settings 

Step 4 : 

Graphic Family window appears on your screen. In it Click on List All Modes 

Step 5 :

Choose the screen resolution of the display you want it.

If you want to reduce the size of display screen that you’ve to choose “” given at the last and  hit OK button.

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Changing Display Size on Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10

New version of Windows such as Windows 8 and Windows 10 have more control over display settings which is also notice by you.

In Windows it was very important to have correct screen resolution because its directly effect your eye vision. By the way you can check your eye vision on your computer without installing any software by this article.


Step 1 : 

Right Click on Desktop screen and select Display Settings from the given list.

Step 2 : 

Now in display settings window you’ve to open Advance Display Settings.

Step 3 : 

In Advance Settings, you have to choose the size of screen resolution you want. Although the recommend resolution was 1366 x768.

But you can change it as you want to. Just remember that the lower the resolution, larger the content and icon will displayed on the screen.


However, you may also change color calibration, Type Text and display adapter properties on Windows 10 as I say in the beginning of the article. Windows 10 comes with more control over display settings compare to previous Windows.

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