How To Share Apple Music Playlist With Other Family Member

Share Apple Music Playlist

Apple Music one of the best feature on iOS to stream live music goes live. There are some other applications such as Spofity or Rido which also offer same services.

In Apple Music you can easily create a playlist and share them among other family members. It’s a way to seriously curate your own musical taste. Apple introduced Apple Music for its customers to enjoy music on there devices. You can easily create new playlists and show them to others.


How Can Playlists Be Shared with Other Family Members

Step 1 : Making of Playlist

Launch Apple Music > Tap on the My Music > Tap on New button (In the upper right of the list section). Enter the name of the playlist and add photo.

Step 2 :  Adding Song on the Playlist 

There is two options to add songs on the created playlist. First way is to add songs is by tapping on the green plus symbol to add songs from your own music. Second way to add songs, Tap on the Three Dots on the right of any music track in Apple Music.

Step 3 : Sharing A Playlist From Apple Music

Now this last but not least step you have to share your playlist. Once’s you have created your playlist you simply share it. Just open the playlist from your lists. Tap on the family share button (Rectangle Box with down arrow).


You’ll then be able to share your own created apple music playlist on social networking sites such as Facebook, AirDrop, Mail and some others.

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After sharing your apple music playlist. If you make any changes in playlist its also shown to your friends. But the things is your friends can’t add any new music track on that playlist only playlist creator can make any changes not others.

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