How To Enable Page Level Ads on Google Adsense

So as we all know Google Adsense was one of the best online tool to monetize website along with earning money. Recently I’ve publish a article to show you 10 most important parts of Google Adsense for startup bloggers.

Adsense allow publisher to display ads on their website or blog and earn money while doing nothing.There are several tools and features google adsense offer to the publisher to monetize there platforms. Recently google adsense team introduced new way to display advertisement and monetize your content with innovative new ad formats called Page-Level Ads.

What is Page-Level Ads ?

Basically this ad format same as its name page level ads which means that google adsense will display ads on per page in mobile phone. Which you’ve already seen on apps and now its also available for every ads publisher.
When somebody visits your blog or website through cell phone then its see ads enable for mobile devices. Which means you’ve to enable page-level ads through your Adsense account to enjoy its experience. Generally there are two ad types introduced in page-level ad format.

Page Level Ads

First is Anchor Ad or overlays ads that sick to the edge of the user screen’s and are easily closable. They’re are loaded separately in the background, So it don’t slow down your web page loading speed.

The second is Vignette Ad’s these are mobile full screen’s ads that appears between page loads on your website and can easily skipped by the user at any time.


How To Enable Page-Level Ads on Website

In this article, I will demonstrate how you can enable page-level ads on your website or blog using Google Adsense account.

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Step 1 :

Login into your Google Adsense Account

Step 2 :

Go to My Ads tab and in the sidebar, select Content, then Click page-level ads

Step 3 : 

On the Page-Level ads page, use the control to select which ad formats you’d like to show on your website.

Step 4 : 

Now copy the code of ad format and place it on your website


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