How To Clear All YouTube History In iPhone

How To Completely Clear History In YouTube

YouTube one of the best online video streaming service. You can easily watch videos on YouTube through android device and iOS device using Android app and iOS app.

But, after watching lots of video on YouTube iOS app you want to delete. You can easily clear history youtube from your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Deleting YouTube History In iPhone, iPad and iPod

So while watching videos on YouTube in middle of watching of video if you watched something objectionable you should delete or clear the watch history on Youtube in your iPhone or iPad before your kids take your device from you.


Step 1 : 

Launch the YouTube iOS app on your iPhone and login in with your google account

Step 2 : 

Tap on the Menu (three parallel lines icon ) on the left side.

The next screen opened with your YouTube account details. That has features including Home, My Channel, Subscription etc.

Step 3 : 

Tap on the History icon, You will see all youtube videos that you’ve watched til the date. To delete all watched videos go to the right corner. Tap on Dustbin icon to clear history.

Step 4 : 

Once you’ve tap on dustbin icon, a dialog box pop up on your iPhone screen for conformation to delete videos. In it tap on “Clear History”.

All Video that you’ve watch on YouTube from your iPhone or some other iOS device now will be deleted it. Do it before is YouTube down.


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