Not Panic Cancel Uber Ride Get Quick Refund Now

In Mid-90 its was way to hard to reach your final destination if you not have any vehicle. But in 21 century you can easily reach your home, office with time limit.

Currently there are more then there are some best cab booking services available around the world. You can easily book a cab using your mobile phone through cab booking apps. But sometimes when you’ve to cancel your outgoing plan after booking the cab. However you can cancel your resisted cab.


Uber Policies For Ride Cancellation 

If you cancel uber ride you will be charged a $10 cancellation fee only if you cancel more than 5 minutes after your driver has been assigned.

If you cancel within 5 minutes, you won’t be charged. If you tap the cancel button after 5 minutes, we will let you know that a $10 fee will apply if you confirm the cancellation.

If for any reason your driver takes too long to get to you (thecurrent ETA prediction for your driver shows the driver would arrive 5 minutes over the original ETA we provided) then the cancellation charge will be waived.

If you are not at the pickup location or your driver cannot get in touch with you, The $10 cancellation fee will still apply.

So be sure to cancel the your ride as fast as possible using your phone through Uber app. However if you’ve any question regarding cancellation you can contact with Uber Customer Care.


How To Cancel Ride on Uber Request Via Uber App 

If you booked a Uber taxi to going out but accidentally the plan has been changed. You can easily cancel the your booking if its under Uber polices and Uber Class Action and your paid money is refundable.

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Step 1 : 

Open up Uber App on your mobile phone

Step 2 : 

Tap on the Photo of Driver.

Step 3 : 

You’ll see “Cancel” button at the down side right corner. Tap on it  (Screenshot given)

Step 4 : 

Conformation dialog box pop-up. Tap on the “Yes”.

 Step 5: 

You’ve successfully canceled Uber ride request.


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