How To Partition A Hard Drive In Windows 7

Windows 7

If you’ve brought a new hard drive and after completing the installation of hard drive the first you’ve to do is to make a partition.  To divide the total space of hard drive in different parts such as Local Disk G, Local Disk F etc.

Its good to make partition of hard drive that helped you properly manage the total space of drive. In build-in hard drive you can divide hard drive in almost more than two partitions to properly manage it.


How To Make Partition Hard Drive in Windows


The proper meaning to partition of hard drive in Windows means to divide the section of operating system. Most of the time the part of hard drive use entire usable space. But you can manage it by creating multiple drive on your computer.

Step 1 : 

Open Disk Management, the tool gives proper control over hard drives.

Note :  To open Disk Management. Go to Start Menu and in search box, Enter “create and format hard disk partitions ” and hit Enter button.

Step 2 :

To make a partition hard drive, you’ve to shrink a volume of hard drive.


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Step 3 :

After Shrinking Hard Drive, you able to see unallocated space or free space of hard drive .

Step 4 :

Right-Click on the unallocated space, Select “New Simple Volume”.


Step 5 :

Read the welcome page, and then Click on Next. Now you’ve to set the Specify Volume Size page specifies the minimum and maximum size for the volume in megabytes. Click on Next.

Step 6 : 

Select the Assign Drive Letter or Path for new partition drive and then hit Next.

Step 7 : 

Press “Finish” button to compete the process of creating partition.

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Now Disk Management show you a the space configured for a new partition that you’ve created. Which you able to access from My Computers.


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