How To Cancel Comcast Account In Few Steps

How Do I Cancel My Comcast Account

In case if you no longer want to use Comcast service any further and want to cancel your account from Comcast. However, if you might remember the guy named Ryan whose Comcast Account  Cancelation story goes viral on the web for a long time.

Well, you don’t have to worry you can easily cancel  Comcast account within few hours using these below given step by step guides.


Cancel Comcast Account – Step-by-Step Guides


Before we proceed you want to know you must Authorized users Comcast. If you’re authorized users of the account. If “Yes” then this article guide can help you to cancel Comcast  and if “No” then before canceling your account you’ve to proceed to the Authorization Guide.


Step 1

Call Comcast by Phone (1-800-XFINITY or 1-800-COMCAST)

Step 2 :

Enter the Phone Number on your Account and then press 1 or say “Yes”.  Now at the next prompt say “Service” and then “Services and Products” and then “Disconnect” and finally  say “Both of these”.

Step 3 :

When prompted completed. Enter the 4 digits social security number and then say “Yes”

Step 4 :

At the next Prompt say “No” for taking a survey

Step 5 :

Now enter the address on the Account. When you’ve asked  to if you want to Cancel your account say “Yes”.  Then the call is transfer to  Retention Center to stop you from canceling your account. Just keep telling them you want to cancel your account service.

Step 6 :

Once your Comcast Account Service is canceled. The Retention Center Specialist will inform that you must drop the equipment off at the local Comcast Center or UPS location.

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However, if using phone look confusing to you then you can cancel Comcast account using the Form provide by Comcast to cancel account service or else you can also send the email to Comcast to cancel your account.

Email Address :

Comcast CableATTN:
Service Change Requests
1701 JFK Blvd.Philadelphia, PA 19103


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