How To See Saved Credit Card on Mac OS X

How Can I Find My Credit Card Information That Saved on My Macbook ?

The Credit Card is one of the most important things that everyone carries along with them. But whenever you’ve accidentally lost your credit card¬† but the card information can easily use for a lot of purposes such as purchasing online products without having a credit card.

In case if you lost your credit card and want to retrieve its information from your computer that automatically saved. When you did any payment of your online purchases.


How To See Saved Credit Card Information on Mac

In Mac,¬† your credit card information can be saved on safari web browser or the web browser you’re using on your Mac OS X.


Basically, the credit card information saved on autofill credit card mac and you can easily see your card info. through opening safari autofill settings. However, if safari credit card autofill not working then, in this case, you can also use iCloud Keychain to see your card information.

Ways to See Saved Credit Card Information on Mac :

  1. Safari Autofill Settings (iCloud Keychain)


Viewing Saved Credit Card Information via iCloud Keychain ( Safari Autofill)

To view card information on mac safari browser you’ve to open Safari Autofill settings where you find your credit card information.

Step 1 :

Launch Safari browser on Mac

Step 2 :

Select Preference from Safari Menu

Step 3 :

Click on Autofill button (button looks like pencil hovering over )

how to view saved credit card on mac

Step 4 :

Click on Edit button in the credit card.

Step 5 :

Click on card icon to view your credit card information such as card number, cardholder name, and the expiration date.

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How To Add Credit Card Information To Safari

You can also add or remove your business credit card information to Mac on safari using iCloud Keychain

Step 1 :

Again launched Safari > Preferences > Autofill

Step 2 :

Click on Edit button next to the credit card

Step 3 :

Click on Add button. New blank card will be created

How To Add Credit Card Information To Mac

Step 4 :

Enter card description and enter the account number, expiration date, and cardholder name.

Step 5 :

When ready, Press Done to save card information.



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