How To Turn on iCloud Keychain on Macbook OS X

How Can I Enable iCloud Keychain on My Macbook  ?

You can easily turn on iCloud Keychain on your Macbook OS X in few steps but before that, you must know what is iCloud Keychain and how it helpful for your device.

What is iCloud Keychain ?

iCloud Keychain is a feature that offers by Apple OS X for all kinds of devices running on iOS and OS X platform. Basically, icloud keychain keeps your MacBook default web browser  websites username and password, credit card information and Wireless network  connection password and some other information up to date.

There is also some another usage of iCloud Keychain its also keeps your official accounts such as Mail, Contacts, Calender, Messages up to date to your Mac.

Benefits of iCloud Keychain To Mac :

So there are lots of benefits of using iCloud on Windows and Mac OS X devices espaically in Mac OS X devices such as Macbooks the benefits are more compare to windows.


  • In Mac overheating issue can be resolve by using iCloud Keychain
  • Macbook hard drive space can be optimized using iCloud Keychain
  • Importane Data of yours can be secured due to encryptation
  • iCloud Keychain is protected with industry-standard encryption techniques

There are many more importane factors of using iCloud on all devices that includes Mac, iPhone, iPod and iPad.

How To Turn On iCloud Keychain on Macbook 

how to enable icloud on mac

So to turn on iCloud Keychain on Macbook Pro or some other Macbook you just need to follow these below-given step-by-step guides.

Step 1 :

Firstly, Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > iCloud

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Step 2 :

So if you want to set up a passcode on your logon screen of your Mac. You can easily enable Keychain

Step 3 :

To turn on Keychain. Enter your Apple ID with password on screen.


Step  4 :

Follow up some onscreen instructions.

After following onscreen instructions iCloud Keychain is enabled on your Macbook. But their is a thing that you must know.

 If you’ve  set up Keychain on another device, you may receive a notification on this Mac asking if you want to let the other device use your iCloud Keychain then visit this official Apple web page.

In case if you don’t want to use iCloud Keychain and search for “how do you turn off iCloud” on Google. Then before that read out our article How To Turn off iCloud Keychain.


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