How To Import All Bookmarks From Chrome To Firefox

When you visit any website and you found the information on that website useful and you want to again visit on that particular website for that purpose you bookmark that website on the web browser you used for daily web browsing.

Imagine you using Google Chrome browser on your laptop from very long time and suddenly you’ve to switch web browser to Mozilla Firefox browser. In this case , you’ve to import all bookmarks from chrome to Firefox.

Do worry we have the complete  solution for that you can easily transfer bookmarks from chrome to Firefox on android or personal computer. Just follow given below guides.

How To Move All Bookmarks From Chrome To Firefox In Windows

First of all, you’ve to export google chrome bookmarks as HTML file to your computer storage drive.

Exporting Bookmarks In Chrome

Step 1 :

Launch Google Chrome from Start Menu or from Shortcut Icon

Step 2 :

Click on Chrome Menu (Top Right Corner) and Select Bookmarks


Step 3 :

Go to Bookmark Manger Menu >  Organize


Step 4 :

From drop-down menu select  “Export bookmarks to HTML file


Now you’ve successfully export bookmarks chrome now you’ve to import them into Firefox Browser. Follow-up  below-given guides to import bookmarks firefox.


Importing Chrome Bookmarks To Firefox From HTML file

Now when google chrome export bookmarks successfully their one thing left to do which is to  import bookmarks to Firefox.

Step 1 :

Launch Firefox Browser

Step 2 :

Go to Firefox Menu (see screenshot). Select the Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks to open Library

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Step 3 :

In Library Window. Click on “Import and Backup” from drop-down menu and then select “Import Data from HTML


Step 4 :

New Import Bookmarks File window will open. Now browser to the location were you saved google chrome exported bookmark HTML file.

Import All Bookmarks From Chrome

How To Rearrange The Order of Bookmarks In Firefox 

After importing bookmarks you can easily rearrange the order in which bookmarks are displayed in chrome.

Step 1 :

Go to Bookmarks in Firefox browser

Step 2 :

Click on “Show All Bookmarks” in the Library window.

Step 3 :

Drag the bookmarks files and folders to their new position

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