10 Best Pest Control Companies Within Monthly Budget

10 Best Pest Control Companies Within Monthly Budget

When It comes to pest control we all going to agree in our home. Because pest control keeps away our insects especially cockroaches.  Recently one mine close friend pest control in his house at costing him around $500 bucks.

That too much money, you wasted from your monthly budget on the pest control. Without thinking about saving money on pest control. You can easily save some dollars on your house pest control if you become little smart.


If you live in the nearby country in U.S then you already know that there are lots of best pest control companies around you from where you can easily pest control in your own house. But if you thinking about saving money on pest control then keep reading.

To budget pest control you should consider about getting pest control at low cost. In this article, we going to show some of the best and cheap pest control companies that help you to save more money from your pocket.

Pest Control Companies To Save Money On House Budget

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 1 # Terminix Pest Control

The Terminix Pest Inspection is one of the high rated pest control company. You can easily use google search to look “Terminix Pest Control Near Me”.  The company has 24 hours customer service, particularly the Terminix is best for larger coverage area.

So if you own a house with the larger area with the garden then Terminix is best for you. The company has more than 85-year experience in pest control with 2 million active customers. With Terminix, you can also get Termite Control, Bed Bug Treatment and some other pest service like Crawl Space Pest Control and ATTIC Insulation service.

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The Terminix is one of the popular names in pest control world. To know more about company background you must read Terminix Reviews.

2 # Orkin Pest Control

The Orkin Pest Control also offers the best exterminator service when we say Orkin Vs Terminix lots of people confused. However, both pest control companies have their own team and conditions and working services.

The Orkin Man get care for bugs in your home whether they’re cockroaches, bugs, rodents or other wildlife insects. The fact over a company is that Orkin cover more United States than any other pest control services.

To know more about regarding Orkin pest control prices you can call to Orkin customer service (8844-513-0865).

3 # Clark Pest Control

The Clarks Pest Control is mainly known for commercial pest control and residential pest control in the United States. The good thing the company offers affordable pest control service which means you’ve to less amount on a pest.

4 # Truly Nolen Pest Control

The Truly Nolen Pest Control Solutions also a well-known name in top best exterminators. This pest company also offer the discount in pest control around $25 – $40 for four season protection plans (Seasonal Pests).

You can easily get an estimate for services, view pest prevention tips and manage your account on the company’s official website. The cost of pest control depends on the size of your home and property, however Truly Nolen only available in 15 states in U.S.

5 # Cook’s Pest Control

The Cook’s Pest Control gives a guarantee for its service, so it Cook’s pest man will come back for free pest control. If you live in somewhere in the five southern states ( Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee) then Cooks Pest is one of the best options for you. The company also offers a discount on its service and region deals on seasonal pests.

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6 #  ABC Pest Control

The ABC Pest Control is typically known for home and commercial services.  However the company service available in some selected states in the United States which include – (Greater Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Oklahoma City, Tyler, Greater DFW, Corpus Christi).

The cost of pest control depends on the size of the area of your home. However according to several ABC Pest Control Review.  The company offers best pest service for the house with larger areas.

7 # Massey Pest Control

The company is same as other pest control companies. With Massey, you can easily manage your account on their website and get some money saving tips on pest control. The company also offers the discount on termite protection along with some other services.

There are some other services which also offers by the company such as Landscape Renovation and much more. With over 80 years of superior services company still growing in pest control world.

The best part of this pest company is it offer “Money Back Guarantee” on pest control. So if you’re not satisfied with the results within 30 days your money will be back or you get a free pest.

8 # ECO Pest Control

Basically, this company offers Eco Safe Pest Control which means company don’t use any chemical product for pest control. You can get all information of materials were used in your facility, view your service, payment, billing history.

You can also get some amount of discount on Annual-Pre-Paid Home Protection Plan Service. The company is working since 1992. If you think Eco-friendly pest control is best for you then, in this case, Eco Pest Control is one of the best options for you.

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9 # Bio Tech Pest Management

The Bio Tech Pest Control well known named in Washinton DC and the surrounding area. However, this company not gives pest treatment on the basis of a size of an area. You can easily make the phone call and they come to your house to identify the pest.

You can easily get complete your home or business pest estimate for free at the bottom right call (888-514-5552).  You can get in touch with Bio-Tech customer service within Monday to Saturday at 8 AM to 6 PM.

10 # Dodson Pest Control

The Dodson brothers Pest Control also a good option when it comes to save money. With Dodson, you can get the discount on several services along with coupons. The company also offers a free pest control inspection.

There are some verdicts such as it doesn’t support online customer service but it does offer guaranteed return service and emergency services. The Dodson are available in 8 adjacent states (Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia).


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