Weapons Engineer Built Folding Shield That Can Stop Bullet

Weapons Engineer Built Folding Shield That Can Stop Bullet

Now the weapons engineer as successfully build a new gadget for the defense department. This time engineer comes up with a new shield that you can reduce the speed of the bullet in few minutes.

Engineers at Brigham Young University build an origami shield that can stop a build and the good point in it that you can easily fold that shield and carry with you in crime spot or firing spot.


The Engineer calling it BYU origami shield that scales at around 55 pounds. The specification of a shield is its Ultra-portable, the suitcase-sized device expands with a unique folding mechanism. According to the weapons experts, the BYU can easily reinforce the barrier of 12 layers of kevlar with an aluminum frame rather than steel load.

The shield is capable of shielding almost 2 to 3 officers. However, there are lots of thoughts about the shield from police offers. The young police teams think the shield will be the best option to carry within police car.

Currently, no law enforcement are using this shield for official purpose. The shield will be still been prototyped.

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