5 Tips To Consider Before Brushing Cats Teeth

5 Tips To Consider Before Brushing Cats Teeth

If you own a cat then you’ve smelled the mouth of your cat when it wasn’t fresh it could be smell like a fish or cat food. There are several diseases that can easily be caused by the teeth in pets.  Especially in cats diseases like Tooth pathology, Stomatitis and more common diseases of teeth.

You can easily keep your cat mouth fresh without brushing cat teeth regularly. In this article, we going to give some of the tips given by the Pet Experts to keep the teeth cleaned.

How To Brush Cat Teeth – Pro Tips


how to brush your cats teeth

There some tips that help you in cleaning your cat teeth without having a trouble or facing a hassle. You can also save money on some of your cat products such as cat food, cat toothpaste much more in below given guides.

1 # Setup A Comfort Zone For Your Cat

Before bushing cat teeth you must set up a comfort zone for your kitty in simple words, Place you cat on a table or consider wrapping your cat in a towel. There are some other different methods that your cat’s favorite.

When you find out what’s your cat favorite that gives comfort to your cat. It makes lot easier to properly brush your cat teeth without having a hassle.

2 # How To Pick Right Cat Toothpaste

Choosing the right toothpaste for pets is one of the hardest work for parents. Because somethings wrong toothpaste can affect your cat teeth.  So the question is – how to pick right cat toothpaste?. 

Since most of the heavy-duty cleaning constituents are off-limits for cats many cat toothpaste is made of enzymatic ingredients that may affect your pet teeth. Because the Enzymes are biological substances that used to break down the tartar on teeth.

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There are some of the best cat toothpaste that pet care health experts recommend for cat’s – Sentry cat toothpaste,  C.E.T. enzymatic toothpaste and the Homemade cat toothpaste options.

3 # Steps by Step Guide For Cleaning Cat Teeth

When you pick up the toothpaste for your kitty now then your ready to clean cat teeth. Just follow up below given step by step guides.

1 –  Firstly, hold your cat in your lap and let her get comfort if she resists trying to wrap her into the towel.

2 –  Once your cat relaxed, hold her mouth and raise her lips on one side and start brushing gently. Repeat the process for second side teeth’s.

3 – Aways brush down away from gum line doing this the food particles left in teeth can be easily removed.

4 – Try to brushing for at least for more than minute or until you brushed her entire mouth.

4 #  When Do I Brush My Cat Teeth

Lots of cat owners generally asked, “How Often Should You Brush Your Cat’s Teeth”.

The answer is brushing daily is best to ensure your cat get away from teeth diseases. However, even brushing more than two or three times in a week can be great.

If your cat has any dental disease than before brushing your cat teeth must consult with the doctor. Because sometimes brushing can increase the symptoms of the disease.

5 # How To Keep Cats Teeth Clean Without Brushing

Many times the cat resists for brushing her teeth in this case you can use some of the dental products for teeth cleaning.

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There are several cat teeth cleaning products from which you can easily clean up cat teeth without brushing.

List of dental products for cats – Dental Gel For Cat,  Dental treats and sticks for cats, Dental wipes, Chew toys for cats.

So if you cat resists to brushing you can use these above products couples of time in a week to keep clean your cat teeth without the brush.

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