Are Tablets Helping in Classrooms and How Safe Are They for Children

Are Tablets Helping in Classrooms and How Safe Are They for Children

Are Tablets Helping in Classrooms and How Safe Are They for Children?

disadvantages of ipads in the classroom

Communities all over the world are exploring new and innovative ways to make sure that kids have a better study experience. The goal of this new form of learning is to help kids enjoy studying, make it easier to learn and keep them interested in learning. Using Tablets and iPhones in schools has made this even easier with time.


However, we still need to evaluate if Tablets are helping in classrooms and if using them is safe for kids. There are both pros and cons of technology, but are teachers handling things right while using Android or iPhone monitoring apps for personalized learning? Let’s find out.

Pros of Using Tablets and iPhone for Teaching

Kids are much smarter these days. They learn to use technological gadgets at a much early age and want to explore new things. You can use this factor to entice their creativity. You can teach them new things like art, music, puzzles, and make learning fun with a Tablet and iPhone. The idea of using these gadgets alone is thrilling and exciting for young minds. With presentations, you can break information down in a simplified manner to make them understand easily.

why ipads should not be used in schools

Another advantage of using these gadgets is that they become confident about using them. As they grow, they need to learn to use these devices to accomplish various tasks. By letting them use Tablets and iPhones from a much younger age, kids can use them comfortably. They can use different apps installed on the device that helps with improved learning.

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Time tracking is another advantage of using these devices. Teachers can use apps with time tracking to make sure kids stick to a schedule. They can fix schedules for various activities and keep time-in and time-out logs to make sure the kids spend the required time on studies.

Additionally, this sort of approach helps raise kids with a sense of responsibility for the time they spend on any task, e.g. exams or tests. Teachers can use this to increase the aptitude of students to answer for quizzes and test questions within a short time.

why ipads should not be used in schools

Monitoring other side activities is also an additional benefit of using tablets and iPhones. Teachers can make sure kids do not use the device wrongly for other personal entertainment reasons. They can educate the kids on when to use other features on these gadgets responsibly. For instance, using the camera to bully other kids in the class is not an option. Teachers can keep watch on what sites the kids visit, and if the kids send or receive unacceptable messages via SMS or on messenger apps.

They can check what kind of multimedia files the kids share and receive. Teachers can also track their social media activity on Instagram to keep them safe and guide them. For this, they will need to install Tablet and iPhone monitoring apps like Xnspy. It is one such app often used for remote monitoring.

Cons of Using Tablets In the Classroom

The main disadvantage of using these gadgets in a classroom is that they can be distracting. Not every child is simple or disciplined. Some kids are very clever and tend to outsmart their teachers. While teachers think the kids are studying, they may be watching, chatting, or calling other friends.

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positive and negative impacts of the ipad on society

Instead of spending time on projects and studying, they may be busy with something that threatens their safety online. This can lead to time mismanagement and non-compliant behavior in some kids. However, by installing a tracking or monitoring app on these devices, teachers can keep the kids safe from threats online.

Tablet and iPhone Monitoring Apps Keeping Kids Safe in Classrooms

If there are signs of bullying or if someone is a victim, teachers can counsel and take necessary action. Shocking as it may seem, as many as 42% kids in schools suffer as victims. Installing an app such as, which allow tracking all activities on the Tablet or iPhone gives teachers more control over the situation. They can remotely monitor and keep track of how the kids use the gadgets.

Any time teachers notice unwanted activity they can pull the strings. For example, the app allows them to block installed apps, block contacts, screen calls, record ambient discussions in their absence, check browser history and even locate the GPS location of the device.

tablets in the classroom

If a kid leaves school premises without authorization, they can know his or her whereabouts and take necessary disciplinary action. In extreme cases, teachers can lock the device remotely to keep the kids safe or to discipline them.

There’s no doubt that using Tablets and iPhones helps in classrooms. While there are pros of using them, there are some cons, and teachers should keep them in mind. However, to keep kids safe they need to use apps that help with remote monitoring.

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