How To Fix Network Sharing Not Working Issue In Windows 10

How To Fix Network Sharing Not Working Issue In Windows 10

After upgrading, the system from Windows 7 to Windows 10 the network sharing issue with Windows 10 are common now a days the windows users claims their system having a problem. Such as the network sharing not working or the Windows 10 keep losing internet connection continuously?

There is some method that helpful for some of my blog reader that tempory fix this issue. The method is given below with step by step guides break down.

Fixing Windows 10 Network Sharing Access Denied


To fix network connection, first of all, you’ve to check network troubleshooter. That might help you to fix the no network connection issue in few minutes. However, lot’s of time the sharing network will discount due to lots of reasons that your system can’t fix.

In this case, you have too many some changes in your system manually. Such as changing the network settings or try some network test and lot more.

First Method:

To manually fixing the network connection follow these step by step guides.

Step 1:

Go to the Start Menu and Click on the Settings to open up Windows 10 Settings.





Step 2:

Now Tap on the System.

windows 10 system information

Step 3:

Scroll the left side menu to About tab and open it.

windows 10 about

Step 4:

Now you see the “RENAME PC” button. Click on it to check your PC name to any other name.

Updating Network Driver In Windows To Fix Network Sharing

Second Method:

If above method won’t helpful you for fixing internet connection don’t get upset try this method. In this method, we going to update network driver in Windows 10.  Doing this will update all network sharing settings along with network analyzer and all network monitoring tools.

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To update the driver in Windows 10 follow these guides.

Step 1:

Go to the Start Menu,  And open up “Driver Manager” from Search Bar.


Step 2:

In Drive Manager,  Find “Network Adapter” and Click To Expand it.

windows 10 network settings

Step 3:

In the List, Update All Drivers one by one.  Just Right Click on the driver and select “Update Driver Software “.

update network driver windows

I hope this article will help you to resolve your windows internet connectivity issue. If you further questions and problems for Windows then comment below and give feedbacks in your own words.

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