20 Exclusive Microsoft Project Alternative For Mac And Windows

20 Exclusive Microsoft Project Alternative For Mac And Windows

Why is Microsoft project so expensive? If you also have this question and looking for Microsoft Project alternative than you’ve visited on right place. Commonly why we should spend more money on software when we getting it at cheap prices.

There are lots of MS project alternative that comes with the same features MS Project at cheaper prices. So why we should not consider them. We’ve gathered the list of some of the best Microsoft Project alternative which is full of task management features and much more.

Best Microsoft Project Alternative For Mac (Including Paid & Free)


In Project Management, it was best to look into the software before using it. Previously we’ve published a list of 25 best task management app for Mac users. You must check out them these apps will boost your workflow.

Basically, MS Project is a great task management tool that has lots of ultimate features for creating and sharing your projects through online collaboration. But compared to other online project management software it was expensive.

Check out the given below the list of MS Project compatible software for Mac.

10 Free Microsoft Project Alternative Software For Mac OS X

1 # GanttProject

GanttProject For Mac

The GanttProject is a free project management software is designed for project managers to control over developing a plan, assigning resource tasks, track down projects process and analyzing workflow and much more.

It supports multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac OSX, Linux. You can easily create and organized tasks through this project management app. In terms of Export and Import, you can generate PDF of your project,  PNG and JPEG images, CSV and Microsoft Project files.

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Just like Microsoft Project server GanttProject also supports WebDAV server for online collaboration along with cloud storage support for storing your project in the cloud server. The app available for free from the official website of GanttProject.

Compatible with:  Windows, Mac, and Linux

Prices:  Free Project Management App GanttProject

2 # TomsPlanner

TomsPlanner For Mac

Tom’s Planner is one of the best online project planners for creating Gantt Chart and much more. This Gantt Chart software allows you to create your project through several project management tools through online collaboration. It also lets you share your project on websites through drag and drop functionality.

The TomsPlanner is a software like Microsoft Project. But this app is developed with an easy interface you can easily plan your project on Excel.

The keynote features of TomsPlanner are Schedules, Import and Export, Print, Online Collaboration, Embed Your Schedule, Search Filter and much more. The software supports several project template such as  Web Design, Construction, Wedding Schedules, Resources, Dissertations, Holiday Season, Conference, Rentals and much more.

Compatible With:  Windows, Mac, and Linux (with Internet Connection)

Prices:  Free version available ($9.99 per month for Professional Use Only)

3 # Open Workbench

Open Workbench for Mac

Open Workbench is a budget based project management software is also a great alternative to Microsoft Project. You can easily create milestones, tasks, schedules, resources and much more. However, you can’t open .mpp files produced by Microsoft Project.

The Open Workbench plan a task or schedules is driven by a number of hours each resource whereas MS project does the same work by reverse by the generating estimate by the resources. It’s a free software that required Java Runtime Environment version 1.3.1 or later version to run computers.

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Compatible With:  Windows. Mac, and Linux

Prices:  Free version available

4 # TaskJuggler

taskjuggler for Mac (Free Project Management Software)

TaskJuggler is a powerful online GanttChart maker or online project management tool from which you can easily create and share your projects with your friends on social sites. The software is written in Ruby programming language and it should be easily installed and usable on popular OS devices.

It assists yours during resource assignment, project scoping, cost and revenue planning and much more. The is free to use you can download it from the official website of TaskJuggler.com.

Compatible With:  Internet Browser (Desktop)

Prices:  Free version available

5 # OpenProj

openproject for Mac

ProjectLibre also was known as OpenProj is a great alternative to Microsoft Project. It’s an open source project management software for project managers. With the help of this software, you can easily maintain your long list of projects according to the deadline.

The keynote features of this software are online collaboration,  project planning and scheduling,  task management, time tracking with cost reporting and budgeting and Road Map. However some of the advanced features only available in Premium version.

Compatible With: Windows. Mac and Linux

Prices:  Community Edition version for free and ($6 for Enterprise Edition with premium features )

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