Best Team Task Management App For Mac

Best Team Task Management App For Mac

Task management app is most useful applications for lots of IT sector workers. If you’re working in a company on Project Management sector then these apps will help you to grow your business with team work. There are thousands of task management app are available on search engines but you’ve to pay high prices to use them.

In this article, we’ve gathered some of the best and free task management app that help you to complete your project before the deadline.

Best Task Management App (Productivity Apps) For Mac


Team Task Management is one of the coolest things in IT sector jobs. That allows you to know a lot of new peoples and get a chance to work with them. However, to complete your project within the time you’ve to consider all things about task management system that help in your project and task management app is one of them.

Check out the given list of Task Management Apps For Mac.

1 # Evernote

best productivity app

The Evernote is a most powerful productivity app for Project management. The app allows you to change and organized your personal and professional projects. Basically, Evernote is a popular platform for managing notes and lists.

Evernote is an app that contains all essential feature required for task management. You can set a reminder to keep your ideas and project on task, Share your project on social networking websites or email them.

There are currently more than million users of Evernote that use this app for there daily work. You can try an online Evernote tool and consider it.

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2 # Todo

task management app

Todo is a simple and quick complete task management app which allows you to complete your project within few days. The interface of To-do app is a simple you can easily create and share tasks, checklists, and projects.

The app has all features you’re looking for in task management app. The Mac OS version app is more essentially compare to iOS app version.

The Todo app key features are automatically synced tasks, real-time collaboration, receive emails notifications and share lists among your co-works and much more. It also supports drag and drop functionally for contents and sorting and multiple tasks alter.

3 # Wunderlist

Wunderlist for mac

The Wunderlist is a great app for your project. Because there is no storage in lots of to-do apps for every platform expect Mac. But Wunderlist is an app that offers free online cloud storage with sync to the cloud for cross platforms for every device.

The interface of Wunderlist a quite easy it allows you create and share your task with basic tools. However, you can find all necessary task management tools within the app. However, the app doesn’t have premium features like other productivity apps for complex project management.

4 # Toodledo 

Toodledo is a powerful productivity app that helps you to organize your to do lists and lot more. Unlike other apps, this app Toodledo features each task has many possible fields with extensive viewing possibilities such as creating your own custom views.

The interface is simple its easy to use you can easily complete your task with given tools and objects. However, if you’re looking for a task management app with not much more task description, due dates, and category than you should consider another productivity app.

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5 # Clear

Clear app for mac

Clear is a one of the best task management app for Mac user. According to the report, its has over 2.5 million users across the world. The app is useful for organizing daily routine task with to-do features. The key features are full keyboard navigation, iCloud syncing, set the reminder for alters, personalize your lists and tasks.

The Clear app will work across all the devices which makes it more essential for project management workers. You can easily carry it on your Flash device with your tasks and open them on your friend’s computer. The app supports Mac OS, iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows platforms.

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