25 Best YouTube Channels For Free Online Yoga Classes

6 # Yogasync.Tv

Yoga at home

Yogasync TV is an online yoga videos provider with the help of this channel you can improve your online home yoga practice with the wide range of yoga videos. The channel has more than 500 videos of online yoga practice.

You can also visit Yogasync.tv official website to know more about yoga in advanced level. However, on a website the videos are not for free you’ve to join membership for $99 But you can get free online yoga videos on YouTube channel.


7 # Yoga With Tim

Yoga online classes

Yoga With Tim is a YouTube channel where you can find several Yoga videos for your home practice. There are almost 50 videos of Yoga which are distributed into different challenges like 30 days full body yoga, yoga for strength and balance and much more.

If you’re a beginner in Yoga then you must check out Beginner Series of Yoga Videos uploaded by Tim that helps you to learn yoga basics movement within few days.


8 # Kino Yoga

Kino Yoga classes

KinoYoga YouTube Channel is owned by Kino MacGregor who is a well know person in Yogies.  Kino is practicing Yoga for almost 20 years and she is also an author is three books, co-founder of Miani Life Center.

The YouTube channel contains lots of Yoga Videos that help you to learn yoga movements and poses within few months. This channel has 1000+ videos of Yoga of different movements and poses and much more for health fitness.


9 # Yogi Approved

online yoga teacher training

There are several Yoga Pose videos on Yogi Approved YouTube Channel to learn yoga for loss weight, reduce low back pain and so much more.  However, Yogi Approved is an official website that published articles about Yoga movements some other topics.

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10 # Yoga with Kassandra

naked yoga class

This YouTube channel is official owned by Kassandra. This yoga channel is best for learning Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow classes Kassandra weekly upload a new video of yoga poses and the channel has almost 100+ yoga videos.

If you’re looking for advanced Yoga classes than you can check out Advanced Yoga Series uploaded by Kassandra. There is also some other awesome video playlist like 30 minutes yoga classes online, Beginner Yoga Classes and much more.


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