25 Best YouTube Channels For Free Online Yoga Classes

21 # Internal Yoga

yoga channel

The Strength is one of the key features of internal yoga it helps you to regain strength along with some other fitness benefits. This channel is lead by Ali Kamenova who uploaded videos of online yoga classes for yogis.

Here in this YouTube yoga channel, you can learn three types of yogas. Internal Yoga, Yin Yoga, and other yoga movements. This is a perfect channel for an athlete to learn yoga from home.


22 # Yoga House

online yoga videos

The Yoga House is not a channel where you get complete knowledge about Yoga or online yoga classes. Its a platform where you can learn Yoga poses and movements. It’s best place for those who looking for variety of moves of different types of yoga such as Yin yoga, bikram power etc.

23 # Relaxing Music & Yoga

relaxing yoga with music

Basically, if you’re looking a yoga channel that offers yoga online classes with music that helps in body relaxing while performing yoga poses. In this case this one of the best yoga youtube channel that offers yoga classes with music.

There are almost 50+ videos of yoga learning with pain reducing sound tracks. It not the best but currently all we’ve found on Youtube.


24 # Ekhart Yoga

kundalini yoga youtube

Ekhart Yoga is an official website where you can get deep information regarding yoga poses, meditation classes and much more. Esther Ekhart offer different types of yoga classes like Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Restorative and Yin Yoga.


25 # Leigha Butler

adriene yoga

This YouTube channel is led by Leigha is a yoga educator & body mover. Here you can learn Yoga without costly yoga equipment Leigha help you to learn yoga poses without having the hassle. This channel has almost 50+ videos of Yoga for different body parts.

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