15 Free Educational Apps For Kids 2-5 Year Old

Free educational apps for kids is a technology placing a great role by developing our kids future, especially by cell phones and computers. In this article, we will go to share some of the best educational apps for kids that help your children to learn easily with the help of their personal devices.

Basically, the educational apps are the best way that allows your children to learn outside of a classroom. There are plenty of free educational apps for kids that cost you nothing. Here we’ve listed some of the free apps or free toddler apps for your kid.

List of Best Educational Apps For Kids 

Check out our list in which we’ve gathered some of the best educational games for 4 to 6-year-old kids along with some educational apps that help your children to learn with fun.

Free Educational Apps For Kids Available on Google Store

1 # JU’s  – The Learning App

Free Educational Apps For Kids

BYU is one of the most trending self-learning application among the kids. The app is designed for children to learn the variety of subject outside of the classroom. In this app, you can learn high Foundation02 studies like  6 to 12 class math along with competitive exam preparation like JEE, APIMT, CAT, and IAS.

Through this app, you can compete for syllabus coverage by learning complete chapters and much more. The app also contacts chapter wise test for Class 7 to 12 and much more.

2 # English Grammar Exercise

English Grammer App

In case if you’re the kid are quite weak in English grammar than this is one of the best android apps for learning English grammar from outside of classrooms. The app contains all English grammar topics along with grammar error with doing as direct questions and lot more.

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3 # First Grade Learning

free educational games

This a most amazing app for kids to learn reading, maths, spelling, fractions, compound words, contractions and much more.  First Grade Learning app is designed with 12 fun games to help children to learn while playing a game.

These 12 games are Patterns, Ordering, Word Bingo, Compound Words, Advanced Counting, Add, Subtract, Verbs, Spellings and lot more. The apps are developed for age 5 to 8 years old kids it’s free to download from Google Play Store.

4 # Kid Mode

Educational App For Kids

Zoodles Kid Mode is a free educational app for kids that contains games, videos, books for your kids to learn basic of education of first to fifth grade. Currently, more than 11 million kids are using this app for learning and playing.

This app features Games, Curated Educational Content, Math Games, Street To Dora,  Story Books and lot more.

5 # Duolingo

best educational apps

This app helps you to learn several other languages while playing games. The Duolingo help you and your kid to learn French, Spanish, German, Russian, Turkish, Dutch, Greek and some other languages. Your kid can easily practice while fun games and learn to speak, reading, listening and writing skills.

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