15 Free Educational Apps For Kids 2-5 Year Old

6 # Learn To Read

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Learn to read is a great online app for kids to learn read and writing skills with fun games. The app is developed for pre-schooled children to learn basic writing and speaking skills. The app contains some of the fun games like Turn the Ball, Word Ball, Word Magic, Rocket Word and much more.

This is one of the recommended best learning apps for kids, to get knowledge without having a hassle. Learn To Read, is an app that helps you, children, to learn writing and reading skills.

7 # ABC Spelling

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ABC spelling is an also the best learning apps for toddlers.  It is easy to access app that helps you, kids, to learn to spell with fun educational games and lot more. If your children are under 3 to 5 age than this app helps them to start learning ABC.

In case if don’t find this ABC Spelling app is not fit for your kids then there are other alternatives such as Spelling Games, CVC Words To Help Kids Read, ABC Kids and Learning Phonics for Kids

8 # Jolly Phonics Lessons

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It’s an innovative app that teaches your children to learn phonics lesson with letter-sound audio for all sounds. In other words, This toddler app for kids that teach your children to learn spelling and writing skills with using a synthetic phonics approach.

9 # Kids Rhymes

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Kids Rhymes is one of the best apps for 5 years old kids to learn perfect writing and reading skills. The app developed by Videogyan Studio according to the company statement “The Kids 3D Rhymes brings updated education technology such as Video learning, 3D cartoon animation and the lot more “.

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There are some other preschool apps that offer lot’s of education stuff for kids but this app offers video and animation and characters which kids like the most that help them to learn faster.

10 # Kids Videos

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Kids Videos is a free educational app for kids to learn faster with the help of videos. The app contains more than 10000+ educational apps of 16 categories of content ranging from Nursery rhymes to learning Colors, from Shapes, Vehicle Names,  Alphabets to Phonics and much more. It’s also one of the best apps for preschoolers.

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