15 Free Educational Apps For Kids 2-5 Year Old

11 #  Kids Brain Trainer (Preschool)

best apps for preschoolers

Its a kids app for preschool kids for learning basic knowledge of preschool with the help of this free educational app. The Kids Brain Trainer school app contains a lot of educational stuff for your kids to learn with the help of photos, videos, rhymes etc.

If you’re searching for best free educational apps for kids then this one of the best app I recommend you for your kid to learn basic writing and reading skills.

12 # Fruits and Vegetables for Kids

best ipad apps for kids

This is an app that contains all names of fruits and vegetables it is best to free educational apps for kids between 1 to 5 year ago. Using this app your children can easily learn fruits and vegetable names with the help of images and other stuff like flash cards.

13 # Learn Shapes For Kids

best apps for toddlers

There are lots of toddler apps for kids to learn writing and reading skills faster but it hard to find kid apps that introduce shapes and other important skills. Learn Shapes For Kids is a useful app for children to learn different shapes with fun games.  It one of the best learning apps for toddlers for your children that help them to learn sometime new.


learning apps for toddlers

Funny Food 2 is an amazing app for the preschoolers the app specially designed and developed for teaching children about food and vegetable names and some other categories like Shapes, Sports, Computer and lot more.

The special features of this app mainly 15 baby games for kids, fun sound effect, and graphics, no ads, parental control over the app. The app is free to use at the limited functions.

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15 # Learn Numbers for Toddlers

kids learning apps

There is no huge list of free educational apps for kids that offer great stuff that help your kids to learn faster and easier. However, there is some app that offers best educational stuff for kids for free and learns Number For Toddlers is one of the learning apps.

This android app offers basic mathematics skills called counting or numbers with fun games and animation.  From which your children can learn faster and easier. The app also has some other things like 123 kids number games and much more.

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