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change safari font

How To Change Safari Font In Mac OS X

How do I change Safari Font? Yes, you can change the font letters of Safari web browser.  Safari browser allows its users to change the font size.  If you’re facing problem in reading the fonts on safari web browser you can change them. Change Font


5 Affordable VHS To Digital Converter For Mac

  To find the best VHS to Digital converter for Mac you’ve to search a lot and especially when you paying an amount for VHS to DVD converter. We here to help you out, In this article, we have gathered some of the best VHS

pioneer drive

How To Flash New Pioneer Drive on Mac OS

If you’ve recently bought a new pioneer drive and want to flash it to get new update firmware. Sometimes DVDFlash also not supported in your Mac OS when you want to flash Pioneer drive and much more. There is lots issue that stops you to

enable PHP in leopard

How To Enable PHP In Leopard With Apache / MAMP

To Enable PHP in Leopard you to do nothing just follow up these articles step by step guides. You can enable PHP in leopard through Terminal. As we know Mac OS X 10.5 comes with the both Apache and PHP pre-installed. However, both are not

block websites on Macbook

How To Block Websites On Safari (MacOS)

We going to tell you some of the ways through which you can easily block websites on Safari.  Parental Controls is a feature that blocks all inappropriate website, All you’ve to do is to enabling a feature. However, you want to know how to block

chrome saved passwords

How To Import Password From Chrome To Safari

Google chrome saved passwords one of the best feature the web browser has from which users can easily import password to any other browser.  There some simple steps that you’ve to follow to import your browsering data like passwords to other web browser like Safari.

bitefender for mac

10 Free Virus Malware Protection Antivirus For Mac OS X

Malware Protection software basically used to remove the virus and other harmful files and software that may damage your device system. Do Your Mac Needs Antivirus  (Malware Scanner)? If you’ve purchased a Mac and wondering about your device need an Antivirus or not. Basically, every


How To Record Screen And Audio on Mac QuickTime

Quicktime one of the most popular programs developed by Apple for Mac OS X platform. There are lots of features and function that QuickTime perform because of its extensible multimedia framework application.  To know more about QuickTime read Wiki Article. What is QuickTime? As I