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Free Educational Apps For Kids

15 Free Educational Apps For Kids 2-5 Year Old

Free educational apps for kids is a technology placing a great role by developing our kids future, especially by cell phones and computers. In this article, we will go to share some of the best educational apps for kids that help your children to learn


How To Enable 3rd Party Apps on Smartphone

The Android Operating System (OS) offer its user to install any 3rd party apps on device but OS don’t take any responsibility’s for the application. Generally there is one common way to download and install apps on android device through Google Play Store. But you


How To Clear All YouTube History In iPhone

How To Completely Clear History In YouTube YouTube one of the best online video streaming service. You can easily watch videos on YouTube through android device and iOS device using Android app and iOS app. But, after watching lots of video on YouTube iOS app


How To Recover Deleted Videos From iCloud

  Apple iCloud one of best online storage service for iOS platformss. But sometimes due to some mistakes or accidentally some peoples delete photos and videos from there iCloud account. Recently I’ve also deleted some my videos from my iPhone 6s from iCloud and after

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8 Things You Must Know About iOS 10

Apple has announced its new iOS platforms OS software called iOS 10 on recently WWDC 2016 event in San Francisco.  Basically the new Apple iOS software is here for iPhone and iPads. So if you own a iOS device and going to upgrade it to

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How to Connect Moto G to PC via (WiFi, USB, Bluetooth)

  Motorola company one of the best android smartphone of Moto series is Moto G however company recently launched next generation Moto G cell phones Moto G4 and G4 Plus. All smartphone have ability to connect with computer to transfer files such as photos, videos

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How Do You Turn Shuffle off on iPhone

Music one of the best thing for entertainment currently all device supports sound system basic cell phones have 3.5mm audio jacks along with speakers for better sound quality. On iPhone you can enjoy moment of aural bliss via headphones. Recently one of the my buddy

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Unlock Memory Card Using Command Lines

Memory Card or Flash Storage or microSD card all these named related to storage on devices. microSD card is micro card that was build with nano technology to storage files in a limit. Currently in market you can buy 1GB to 200 GB memory card