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How to Check Battery Life on Macbook Pro

  Battery Life is one of the most important part of electronic device such as laptops and smartphone. The life of expectancy of macbook battery is mostly depends on the battery cycles counts. Once the battery cycle count reached at the limit set by the


How To Report To FBI About Scam Phone Calls

Sometimes you keep getting fake calls of scammer pretending to FBI offer and ask your personal information and request large amount of money and lot more. In this case you can report scam phone calls to police or to the FBI if the case is

remove java

How To Get Rid From Java on Mac

Java Development Kit can be easily download from Orcal website for Windows and Mac OS X computer machines Java programming on mac only possible by installing Java development kit mac on your mac machine. However, if you don’t like Java and want to remove Java


How To Delete Pushed Commits on GitHub

  Github is web based hosting service for software development. Sometimes you ran into a situation in which you accidentally pushed a commit to Github which you want to to remove. Now you want to revert your Github repository as it was before that commit.


How To Sync Outlook Signature To Blackberry

  Blackberry one of the most common in top luxury phones its also known as Blackberry Business Phone. In blackberry there are lots of features that can’t be found on Android and iOS business cell phones. As we all know new blackberry cell phones comes


How To Save Share Notes on Evernote

Evernote one of the most common micro-blogging platform to share your views through short words on notes with videos, photos and hyper links and lot more. You can also share your notes with other or on social networking websites such as Facebook or Twitter. The


How To Delete A Pokemon Go Account

Now a days, android games becoming popular because of massive number of android users across the world. Pokemon Go one the most popular game available for iOS and Android platform. Basic question for game lovers How To Play Pokemon Go and how to installed it


How To Partition A Hard Drive In Windows 7

If you’ve brought a new hard drive and after completing the installation of hard drive the first you’ve to do is to make a partition.¬† To divide the total space of hard drive in different parts such as Local Disk G, Local Disk F etc.


How To Shrink A Volume of Hard Drive in Windows

  Generally when you want to create a new partition hard drive in computer you’ve to shrink a volume to get unallocated space for creating a partitions. In Windows 7, Vista , Windows 8 and Windows 10 their was a build-in program called Disk Management


How To Reset Bluetooth In Windows

How Can I Rest To Fix The Bluetooth in Windows  In laptops there some pre-installed programs that comes as the benefit for user. Bluetooth device is one that feature which comes build-in inside the laptop and some hybrid computers. As we all know laptops runs

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