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Intel Acquires Itseez Computer Vision Firm

Intel has announced its acquired one of popular computer vision firm called Itseez.Inc. The company mainly expert in computer vision algorithms and specialized in computer hardwares. According to the report, Intel focusing on delivering proper solution for wireless network and cloud on upcoming devices. The


How To Transfer Funds From BTC-E To Paypal

Nowadays withdrawing funds is common because a lot of online business and online purchase was complete with online payment methods and with the help of online crediting and debiting service such as PayPal is common.   But there are some Start-up online payment service such


Apple Denied About Release Its Own Mobile Wireless Service

Apple has denied rumors about launching it owned wireless service in the United State and Europe. The information comes from Business Insider report,  that the Cupertino company is testing a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) service. google_ad_client = “pub-5499192087952683”; google_ad_slot = “9813640455”; google_ad_height = 1200;


RT Works Announced Robot Assist Walker RT 1

RT Works  Japanese robotic technology research company launched its first product “Robot Assist Walker RT. 1”, an autonomous walking assisting cart to help old people walk at home.  Robot Assist Walker RT 1 According to the DigiTimes, report, “Equipped with two brushless motors along with