5 Unbeatable Ways To Monetize Your Website

More than Half Blogs was build for making online money and few was made for hobby and its now any story that you can make lot of money form your website. But for that you have monetize your blog to generate lot of money.


There are million of websites and blogs on web that crawl every day by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex and DuckDuckGo and some other.


For making lot of money you have to be different in simple words you have write your original content with value and quality of keywords on your website.


5 Smashing Ways To Monetize Your Website : 

Here you learn how to monetize your website in easily ways that help your website to generate lot of money.


 Affiliate Marketing 

Most common way to boost your website heath is the Affiliate Marketing more than half website owners use different affiliate marketing programs which suits for their website.
In this Affiliate display merchant products and service ads on their website and earn commission payment per month. The commission is usually 30% to 60% of the product and service price.


Example : “If Any Affiliate promote a E-Book that cost $100 and for doing this Affiliate receive $50 as a reward by Merchant.”


Where To Find Good Affiliate Marketing Program To Promote to Products 

  1. Ebay  – eBay partner network is house affiliate program
  2. Fixed Advertising Fee Rates for Specific Product
  3. Clickbankless products categories with high payout
  4. Commission junction  – Fast payment
If You are beginner  and you don’t know anything about Affiliate marketing and integrated marketing communications in that case you can purchase some affiliate marketing guides E-books available through different online retailers stores. Most common and successful way to learn about Affiliate marketing basic skills with some tips and tricks.


Affiliate Marketing Step-by-Step Guide to Affiliate

Sale Advertising Space In Your Website

Yeah you heard right, by selling advertising space you can generate lot of money along with monetizing your website. It was most successful strategic for boosting website traffic.


What is Sale Ad’s Space ?

Its a one of the most common way to monetize website and if you have a website with lot of traffic and you not earning sufficient money.
You have to publish a advertise banner on your website in best space where visitors easily find it.


When you ready to sell advertising space on a website, the seller needs to have know  different ads sizes and types ready to show clients. It may take some time and  experimenting with different types of ad’s to determine which method makes the most money ad unit.


Types of Ad’s Units 


There are two common types of advertising units first is “Text Ads” and other is “Banner Ads“.

Text Ads :

According to the expects and form my own experience visitors like text ads in comparison of banner ads because in text it was hard to find that it was a advertising or what ? but in banner ads it was visible that is that square box ads was displaying.


By using text ads you can increase your daily earning revenues. and the most amazing thing is that you can hide then in your original content.


Banner Ads :

This type of advertising is display in larger or small sizes of banners that way these ads units is teams as banner ads. In banner advertising their was one way to generate money is by display ads on your web page.


If visitor of your website find that image interesting that displaying on particular size of banner. In this of advertising you can’t hide ads form visitors. Most banner ads work well in mobile phones, tablets and some small screen device.


In banner ads therevenues depend on the based on the number of unique users who look at the ad “. Mostly this type of ads sufficient money and it also a lot of banner ads on same web page is dangerous for website heath.


How To Enough Traffic To Sell Ads ?

It was impossible to know to much traffic you can to generate on your web page for earning $100 a day. Because not all visitors click on ads and that the truth.


I also experience this back few years when my i waited hole day to see single click on ads. If you assume a 1 % click through rate (CTR) on your site ads and an average price of single click was $0.30, you would need 340 clicks to generate $100 per day and for that you have to generate 35,000 views of ad units.


Pay Per Click Ads 

If  your ever notice you search any thing on search engine by enter any long keyword and the ads that appear alongside search results on Google and some other search engines are called Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.The best sources for monetize your website through PPC ads is with the help Google AdSense. Google started a program for (Website, Blogger,) owners to earn some money from pay-per-click  advertising program.

Currently lot of website owners generating lot of dollars in single day with Google AdSense. Pay Per Click means when visitor click on the ads that displaying on your web page than you earn money it also known as “Cost Per Click (CPC)“.

Example : “If your webpage CPC was $10 than per click your generate $10 (10 CPC x 10 Clicks = $ 100 ) along side with ad impression and website page views”

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising and How does it work?

The working process of PPC advertising is very simple as you read above example which means you understand half about effective advertising placement. Now we discuss about average cost per click, this is the most important thing you have to focus to icncrease your daily AdSense earnings. As your CPC means Cost-Per-Click, So for increasing revenues use high paying keywords, long keywords.

Tip : Use high paying keyword in middle of your original contents articles, 5 to 6 keyword on each article boost your daily revenues.

 Some High Paying Keywords

KeywordsCPC (Cost-Per-Click)
Get auto insurance quote online$410
Online Casino$109
Mobile casino$91
Casino reviews$55
Mesothelioma Law Firm$180
Asbestos Lawyers$106
Car Insurance Quotes Colorado$102
Make money online Australia$184.94
online game development degree$97
smoke inhalation$35
best business smartphone$105
smartphone definition$40
business voip$90


Guest Articles  or Guest Posts

When you search anything on website that some site offer a guest posting or feedback or review the post. By doing this you can build lot of backlinks.

In Simple words the if your web page have more than 1000 backlinks than you generate almost 500 page views. backlinks is the main factor about website building.

How to build a backlink ?

backlink building is not that much hard, find related articles compare to your articles. Than on comment box drop your website link.

all done.

Mainly backlink was main component of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Some website also offer backlinks in HTML coding. Although you can also buy backlinks from backlink sellers.


Sell an E-Book  

Many peoples sell their e-books through several website like Amazon.in. If you have a website in which you can sell content on E-books. Example : Cooks and Recipes.

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