How to Remove Modem Icon From Mac

How Can I Get Rid From Modem Configuration Icon From Menu Bar and Notification !

Remove Modem Icon

If you regular users of computer than you know what is modem and modem configuration, if you don’t know than keep reading.


Modem Configuration :  

Modem is the device from which LAN or internet service is connected with the help of Modem Configuration your computer machine connect with internet using USB cable or Ethernet.

Now you know that modem is very useful device to connect with internet. Recently According to my research, lot of Mac OSX system users want to remove the Modem Icon from Menu bar. In this article, I will guide to remove modem icon from your mac in few steps.

Remove Modem Icon From Menu Bar (Mac)  : 

Read given below step by step guides carefully to know how you can remove modem icon from your computer.

Solution : 

Remove Modem Icon –   

“Hold down the command key (the one with the apple logo on it) and drag it out of the menu bar.”


Conclusion of the Article  : 

I hope this solution helped you to removing modem icon from your mac. If you have any qusetion related to this problem you can ask with us via comment.

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