How To Undo Email on Outlook


Outlook Mail is well know email service powered by Microsoft. After reading the headlines of the post you’ve already remember that you’ve accidentally send a wrong email to your friends or your office employee. However Microsoft Outlook allow its user to undo email with the limit time period.

According to the Outlook policies you can recall any send email within 48 hours, So if you’ve got late then there is noting we can do but still you can contact to Outlook customer care to know further. If you luck is shining then your friend may cannot receive emails in outlook.

But if you’re within the limit time then you can easily recall the email into your Outlook account.


How To Recall Send Email on Outlook Windows


In Microsoft Windows, Outlook Mail comes in software with MS office in Outlook  2007 to 2016. You can easily recall the send mail in outlook software.

But recommend you use to recall the email because its easy to operate. Just login into your Outlook account using your email address and password.

Follow the given below guides to recall email on Windows.

Step 1 : 

Login into Outlook account using Microsoft Outlook software.

Step 2 : 

Go to Mail Inbox, in navigation pane Click on Send Items.

Step 3 : 

Open the Email you want to recall

Step 4 : 

In the Email on the Message tab, (in the Move group). Click on Actions and then “Recall This Message”.


Recall This Message Feature Doesn’t Appear on My Outlook Account 

If you don’t see the Recall This Message command on the email you want to recall. Which means you probably don’t have Exchange account or the feature is not available within your Organization.

How To Check Outlook Exchange Account 

To determine if you’re using a Exchange account or not.

Step 1 : 

Click on Files Tab.

Step 2 : 

Go to Account Settings.

Step 3 : 

Click on Email tab, and then Type column list in the types of account for each entry.


As you see in the screen shot under the type Microsoft Exchange which means you’re using Exchange account. If you don’t see t


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