Create Web Page Shortcuts In Microsoft Edge

How Can I Create Web Page Shortcut Using Microsoft Edge


As much as we all know Microsoft Edge take over Internet Explorer completely that make confusing for lots of Windows users.  In the old version of IE, you can easily create a web page shortcut just Right Click on the desktop screen and save the shortcut on Desktop.

But, In Microsoft Edge this feature is missing. What I’m trying to say you cannot create a website shortcut on Edge browser same as you create on Internet Explorer or some other web browser such as Mozilla Firefox.


Creating Web Page Shortcut on Edge Browser


Now in Microsoft Edge to create a desktop web page shortcut you’ve to forget old methods of creating shortcuts.

Step 1 :

Open the web page or website on Edge

Step 2 :

Copy the URL of that particular website or web page


Step 3 :

Go the Desktop. Right Click on Screen and Select “New”

Step 4 :

Click on “Shortcut”


Step 5 :

Paste the copied URL in the box and hit Enter button


Step 6 :

Enter the name of the Shortcut and hit Finish button.

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