How To Open Control Panel Windows 10

How Can I Disable Automatic Driver Update on Windows 10

In Windows 10 it was the way to confusing to  disable automatic drivers update that sometimes becomes problem these updates include security update, feature updates, and some other driver updates. Because Microsoft doesn’t provide a way to block updates in Windows 10.

However, there is a feature that stops drivers to update automatically that prevent your system to get updated automatically.

This is basically a software called “Never Install Software” offer by Microsoft from which you can stop drivers update on Windows.


There is a different opinion related to this software via Windows users some said after using software the updates stops and some reported downloading updates never stops while using this feature.



How To Temporary Disable Driver Update on Windows 10 

To access this feature you’ve to do nothing just follow up below-given step-by-step guides and for more we provide screenshots.

Step 1 :

Go to the Start Menu > Control Panel

How To Open Control Panel Windows 10

Step 2 :

Navigate to the System and Security > System

System Settings Windows 10

Step 3 :

Click on Change Settings to open System Properties.


Step 4 :

Go to Hardware Tab > Device Installation Settings

access hardware settings windows 10

Step 5 :

Select “No” hit Save Changes

disable driver update windows 10


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