5 Best SIP Plans (Systematic Investment Plan) In 2017

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The process of finding the best SIP Plans is like finding a fish in the lake for the peoples how looking for best SIP Plan Investment to invest their money for short or long time may be for the year.  There are different factors on which SIP Plan depends such as Value Research Rating, Assets Under Management (AUM), Crisil Rank and some other factors.

What Is SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)


The  SIP Plan offered by Mutual Fund companies which offer SIP Plans to investors allowing them to invest their money for weekly, monthly or quarterly. Basically, the fixed amount of money is debited by an investor in bank account periodically and invested in specific mutual funds.

In this, the investor is allocated the number of units according to the current value of net assets. The investor gets more units when the price of net assets is low and fewer units when the price is low but in the long time mutual fund, the average cost per unit is lower.

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How Does SIP Work?

The basic question that every investor have in their mind “how sip works”. In simple words, the SIP is a fixable investment plan. In which your money is auto-debited by a bank and invested in specific mutual funds schemes.

Albert Einstein once said,

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The rule for compounding money is simple the sooner you start investing, the more time your money has to grow.


Top 5 Mutual Funds Plans To Invest In 2017

1 #  ICICI Prudential Top 100 Funds

Category Crisil Rank  VRR (out of 5) AUM (In Rs.Crores) 3 month 1 Year  3 Year  5 Year
Large Cap         2         3 1,457 13.6 % 23.8% 21.9 % 17.0%

The main objective of fund of this mutual fund scheme is long-term capital appreciation. According to the company statement, the 95 % of the money is invested in equities and rest of money invested in debt and some money market investments.

In 5 Year Plan, this mutual fund has beaten its peers and provided 17% annualized return. Even in short team plans of 1 to 3 years its gives 22 % returns which proved its good short team fund.

So if you’ve invested around Rs. 2000 per month through SIP for 5 years your total money could be Rs.120,000 and your investment could grow up to 240,000 in 10 years plan.

2 # Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund 

CategoryCrisil Rank VRR (out of 5) AUM (In Rs.Crores) 3 month 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year
Large Cap      1       5   13,634  10.6 %   19.3%  19.7 %  18.0%


Well, the Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund aims to generate long-term growth of investment, through stocks, the portfolio with targeted locations of 100 % equity that invested into various departments such as Sunlife life insurance and some other sectors.

The fund has beaten its peers from 18% annualized return in 5 years investment and short term investment plans of 1 to 3 years give almost 19 to 20 percent return. Good performance of the fund has lead to asset size rise up to Rs.12,000 crores the fund performed well in the bull market and reduced loss in the bear market.

3 # Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund

CategoryCrisil Rank VRR (out of 5) AUM (In Rs.Crores) 3 month 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year
Mid / Small Cap      1      5  3,494   12.9 %   26.4%  46.8 % 29.0%

The Franklin India fund also gaining values in mutual funds. Basically, this fund aims for long-term capital investment from the portfolio of mid-cap and small-cap companies.

The fund gives 29 % annualized return in last 5 years investment and in last 3 years its annualized return is almost 46%. This is one the best small cap funds to invest for long-term of 10 to 20 years.

4 # Kotak Select Focus Fund

CategoryCrisil Rank VRR (out of 5) AUM (In Rs.Crores) 3 month 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year
Multi-Cap     1    4  54,81  13.2 %  19.6%  29.7 % 19.7%

The Kotak Mutual Fund mainly aims for multiple capital and diversified capital the portfolio of equity and equity related to instrument and its focus on selected sectors.

The fund performance has beaten its competition and gives 19.7%  annualized return in 5 years and in which 1 to 3 years funds gives 19 to 29% returns. which shows that this mutual fund is best for investment for long-term for 10 to 20 years.

5 # HDFC Balanced Fund

CategoryCrisil Rank VRR (out of 5) AUM (In Rs.Crores) 3 month 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year
Hybrid  / Balanced    2     4   6,657   8.6 %15.5%   27 %    17%


The HDFC mutual fund is generating capital with combined portfolio of equity and debt. This fund gives 17% of annualized return in last five years and 1 to 3 years funds gives 15 % to 27 % returns.


The Bottom Line

These above given Mutual funds are best for long-term investments. This portfolio is basically designed for all kinds of investors who looking to invest their money for long-term in mutual funds. However, before investing any of these funds must read complete term and condition along with policies.


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