Ebates Review – How To Save Money In Your Pocket

So you’re here to know some secrets ways from which you can save an amount of money in your pocket. Don’t get anywhere before reading this article complete, because after reading this article you’re going to thank me.

In this article all about money saving or saving more money, Apparently here we going to discuss Ebates Review to find out this cashback site it legal or not.

What is Ebates.com?

Ebates is a cash back website, which offers its users to get money back while shopping online. So when you buy any product by going through Ebates Listed stores like Amazon, Wal-Mart, BestBuy you save money on the each product you purchase.

In other words, When you want any product such as clothes, electronics or consumer durables you can go through Ebates Link to your favorite online stores and buy it, When you buy an item you get some percentage of cash back depends on the affiliate commission.

How Does Ebates Work?

Ebates is a company that gives cashback when you buy any product or durable goods from the stores listed on Ebates.  However, if you’re thinking ebates works and how I get my cashback from Ebates then you must know.

The Company is an Affiliate to many online shopping stores such as Amazon, Bestbuy and much more. What an Affiliate?  An affiliate is basically the company (or Person) who make some commission referring the people to specific sites.

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A Scam or Legal

Ebates is an affiliate with almost 2000+ stores all around the world. By the skin of your teeth you cannot tell if this website is legal or not. However, Ebates linked with some popular big bang stores such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, Ebay and many more. Which indicate it’s a legal.

However, if you still confused then you then you’ve to read the review of some popular websites on Ebates.

The Wall Street Journal Review on Ebates
CBSO Review on Ebates
CBSO Review on Ebates

Step by Step Guides To Get Cashback With Ebates

Here we go with full of beans, To get make extra money while shopping online with Ebates, then first of all, you’ve to create an account in Ebates.

Note : As I tolled you Ebate is Affilate, Then in this case, If I reffer you I could earn $5 commsion, You also get $10 as bonus in your Ebate Account without doing anything. If you go through My website and create your account.

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After creating an account you get congrats message just like this,


Now to get cash back while shopping online through Ebates you’ve to buy items. How can buy goods from Ebates? Follow up below-given guides to know how you can buy anything from Ebates and get cashback.

Imagine, you want to purchase a “Gligate Fusion Power” from Wal-Mart.

Go to the Ebates.com. Go the All Stores (from top navigation menu).


Scroll to the screen to alphabetical and click on “W” (or the first alphabet from which store name begins  ) then select Wal-Mart (or select the store which you want to buy ) from the list.


You’ll be will redirected to Wal-Mart (or to store from which you want to buy ) while seeing this.


Now, If you already have an account on that store then Login into your account first, and search for the item such as Gligate Fusion Power on an online store and make payment for it after completing the delivery Instructions.

When Do I Get My Cashback

After purchasing through Ebates, you’ll get some percentage of cashback on each product you buy.

Example : If you buy a 64 GB iPhone  for $650  with 4.0 % cashback then you receive $ 26 on your Ebate Account within one week time period.

How Can I Get My Cashback

Once, you’ve buy a product going through Ebates to the Store. The cash back amount will be credited to your account within 5-6 days. But form there, the cash goes to the Hold Period (to make sure you won’t return the product ).

When your cash back is 60 days old, you are egible to get your money, you will get the money on the following dates – Feb 15, May 15, Aug 15 and Nov 15.

There are two options from which you can get your cash back. The options of getting cash back is Check and Online Transtation. The Company will send the Check to your mailing address or you can get your money through your PayPal Account.

Cash Back Credit Card Also Available

The cash back credit card feature also available form making payment for your purchases. To quaifiy for this, you’ve to click on the “In-Store Cash Back” button that link your credit card. Then go the “Link Offer”.

Now you can easily payments through your linked credit card and cash back at each purchase you make. However, currently there are only 22 stores are listed for In-Store Cash Back.

The Bottom Line

Its totally free to create a account in Ebates before purcashing any thing by online stores to get cash back on each purchase you make. Login into your Ebates Account search for the store, make the purchase and you all done to get cash back.

Take Free Cash Without Doing Anything !

I earn $5 and you earn $10 without doing anything, If you Sign Up through My Blue Button, and make purchases.

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