10 Best PayPal Alternatives For Payment Processing

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There lots of people who want a better payment processing service such as PayPal. Which one of the best online transactions company but there are some issues with the company in some countries.

In online transactions, there are lots of rules and regulations regarding online payment which may hinder for few people. Because while online shopping, there is the risk of getting credit card information hacked and some other securities risks.

That way online payment service such PayPal and some other are best to make transactions to easily send, receive and even request a little amount of money across countries.

However, there are some of the countries where PayPal doesn’t available such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) and many more.

List of Alternatives to PayPal For Certified Payment Processing

It best to have a backup when we talk about payment processing. It great to have a payment alternative I’ve personally use more than two payment processing services. In this article, we gathered some of best PayPal Alternative.

1 # Payoneer

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The Payoneer is one of the best online transactions services for those how are professionals in Freelancer or buying and selling websites and online platforms along with affiliate marketers.

Who want to receive their payment through online companies or across the countries. There are lots of benefits of Payoneer such as Receive Online Payment from the different USA based networks, No need of bank account to collect your web money with Payoneer, You get $25 as Signup bonus, It took almost 2 hours to receive payment in your Payoneer Wallet.

Payoneer offers two different ways to use received funds. Through local bank transfer or reloaded credit card. There is also one point you can also transfer funds to another Payoneer User account.

2 # Google Wallet

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The Google Wallet is developed and owned by Google well know search engine across the web. Currently, the Google Wallet only used by the people of America for receiving payments and accept credit or debit credit across the borders.

In simple words, Google Wallet is similar to Digital Wallet for mobile transactions and some other payment processing can easily do through Google Wallet pay-in-store with an NFC-enabled on android phones. To receive, send or to make payment for online shopping.

However, Unlike PayPal and Payoneer you can send money to Google Wallet users. But there are no other extra fees was charged for using Google Wallet for making payments.

3 # PayMate

Paymate for payment

The Paymate is generally used by buyers and sellers across the countries to receive funds and payments. Sellers from two countries can easily use Paymate to send or receive payment for their business such buying website.

If you’re the buyers then Paymate is perfect. All you’ve to do is to make credit card information to pay, which taking you away from creating the account in Paymate. However, there is no way to send money to the other Paymate Users. If you’re online merchant then you can take advantage of Paymate for alternate payment processing on your business.

4 # Skrill or MoneyBooks

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The MoneyBooks (currently known as Skrill) its a one of the best free money transfer service. You can easily send or receive money using Skrill. It makes digital payment simple which means you can shop online, make payments, transfer funds and lot more through Skrill Account.

The Skrill service support over 200 countries and you can use Skrill in 40 currencies. Skrill Prepaid MasterCard let you make payments anywhere in real time. One more benefits of using Skrill is its has low transaction fees for money transfer.

5 # Payza

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Payza also known as AlterPay, Using Payza you can easily send and receive payments from across 190+ countries in almost 21 currencies. The company mainly based in U.S and Canada, however, it’s also supports of banks and credit and debit cards from international countries.

It’s free to create an account in Payza, but for above services such as money transfer from Payza to PayPal is chargeable. However, it’s free to transfer money to another Payza users which make Payza a great payment service.  It’s not same as the website like PayPal but its offer services like PayPal.

6 # Stripe

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The Stripe is same companies like PayPal but you can use Stripe account to transfer payments or online payments. The Stripe is one the best software to handle online business because when its comes merchant payment processing.

The Stripe service supports more than 200 countries along with 100+ currencies. Which you means you can easily make payments through your credit cards. In additional its also supports bank and direct debit payments, local payments wallet and cryptocurrency.

Which means you can change your money into through Bitcoins, Alipay and ACH Debits and many more. Stripes also offer to build an online business through Stripe Software.

7# WePay

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The WePay is specially designed for the customers which like the buying online products from e-commerce websites. Which means the customer can easily pay without leaving your the website.

WePay developers created a virtual terminal platform for customers to pay online without leaving to a website. It’s API based software which means you can make payments through your cell phones.

8 # Square

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The Square is one of well know financial services, merchant services and mobile payment company based in San Francisco, California. Its supports credit card processing which is plus point for merchant services.

If you’re Merchant and you have a merchant account for your local business then Square is best for making small or larger payment anywhere anytime through mobile payment processing, such as credit card.

Square supports accept credit cards through credit card terminal. In 2014 company also announced it’s started accepting Apple Pay (NFC-enabled) service. In my views, Square is one of the best credit card processing companies.

9 #  Paytm

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The Paytm also one of the best digital payment service. You can use Paytm for paying online bills, shop online through Paytm Wallet. You can also transfer funds from one Paytm Account to another Paytm user through your Paytm application or website.

You can also get Cashback while shopping online on Paytm. There are several other benefits of using Paytm. If you’re the merchant then Paytm Wallet is best for you to pay online to other users.

10 # Amazon Payments


The Amazon Payment best for high risk merchant account because its backup by web gaint seller Amazon. Its also a better platform for online payment processing compare to other E-commerce websites.

You can easily create  Amazon Payment account without facing a issue. Merchant services credit card processing, is one of the best features  that merchants service provider generally used Amazon Payment for their small business.

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  1. George Reply

    The only reason that I’m considering to switch from Paypal is because there are a lot of fees when getting paid and converting money to different currencies, I think I might try Skrill for now.

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