It Is Possible To Change Payment Method In Uber Ride – Know It All

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It’s is the most common question asked by Uber users. Selecting a payment method on a ride is a most important thing to ignore bad concise. Uber is a well know online cab service you can easily book a cab from anywhere to your destination.

It easy to use, through Uber App you can hire a cab but there is cach. While booking an Uber Cab for a ride you’ve to select the payment method. Mainly there are multiple payment options like Cash, Online Payments and some other.

Things To Know About Payment Methods In Uber Service

It’s easy to book an uber cab from your device(Cell Phone). But the question is how you like to pay Uber ride. There are multiple payment options paying Uber to ride like by Cash and Online Payment. After select your final destination you’ve to select the payment option as we all know that very well.

The main question about Payment Method In Uber Ride is can you actually switch the payment method in Uber while on the trip or after the trip.

The answer is here,

According to the Uber service, You can easily switch payment option before or during your Uber ride. However, there are some caches in changing the Payment Method in Uber. According to the Uber Company statement

” Please note that if you are in a city that accepts cash as a payment option, you will not be able to switch to or from cash while your trip is in progress”

Which means you can only change your payment method in Uber when the Uber driver agreed to accept your Uber ride payment as a Cash. But lot’s of the time it’s not possible.

So to help its customers, Uber service allows its users to change the payment option using their taxi app. Know more about Payment changing process keep reading.

How To Change Payment Method In Uber Ride While on Trip

To change the payment option in Uber, You can follow below-given step by step guide to know it better see given screenshots.

Step 1 :

Go to the Uber App Menu.

Step 2 :

Now Tap on the “Payment” or Else you can tap on the last 4 digits of your card number to go the payment options.

Step 3 :

To switch the payment method in Uber, You’ve to add new payment option. When you request new payment option The request will send you device for verification process after that you can add the new payment method.

For More Additional Information 

There are also some of the videos that help you to know the process of changing the payment method in Uber through Uber app.

Video 1 :


Video 2 :

Hope this article will help you to know how to can change the payment option in Uber ride. If you’ve any question regarding this article please let us know. Please give your feedback through comment box

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