How To Show Menu Bar In Macbook With Keyboard Shortcuts

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Sometimes the Menu Bar is automatically hidden in the taskbar in your Mac system. You can easily set up Menu Bar on your Macbook screen in few steps. In this article, we going to show you can how to set Menu Bar in Screen in Mac OS.

How To Set Menu Bar On Macbook Screen

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There are some simple steps that you have to follow to show Menu Bar In Screen of your Mac.

Step 1 :

Open “System Preference” > “Keyboard”

Step 2 :

Then go to “Shortcuts” > “Keyboard”

Step 3 :

Move Focus to the Menu Bar (Default Crtl + F2)

Additional Tip :

You can also navigate the Menu with the arrow keys. However, it will pop the menu bar in the view press the Esc button to the close the menu.


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