Disable Full Screen View Start Screen In Windows 10

Want to turn off full view start screen in Windows 10 ?. Many users don’t want satrt screen full screen view¬† and want to get rid of the full-screen Start Screen in Windows 10. There is a simple way of hiding full-screen view.

Turn off Full View Start Screen In Windows 10

Basically, you can easily get rid of full screen start screen view in Windows through Windows Settings. However, If you don’t know complete process of disabling start screen view read below given step by step guides with screenshots.

Step 1:

Go to the Start Menu > Windows Settings.


Step 2:

Now you’ve to select Personalization.

Windows Personalization


Step 3:

Move your pointer to the “Start” and select it.

start screen in windows 10

Step 4 :

Disable the Use Start Full-Screen Option (see above step 3 screenshot).

However, there other options also aviable in Start Settings you can also change them according to your choose. To change color of Start Menu in Windows 10 you can move to upper tab of Color and much more.

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