How To Add Home Address To Google Maps

Google Map allows you to add your home address or business address for the customers or your personal use. If you want to send your home location to your friend you can easily send it through social media. If you already added your home location on google map.

Its an sailing task to add home address on google map. However, there some important thing you must know before adding home address in google map.

once you select the home as category the place you add will not be published publicly, But it will instead be in your maps or all the maps where your account is logged in.

To step up, home address publicly in Google Map you’ve to select category similar to the home because google map don’t shows home addresses publicly.

In other words, when you going to add your home address don’t choose home category. Make it something different like office or business. Doing this will shows your home address publicly. When means any around the world can access your home address. If you want it.

However, we don’t recommend you to make do that. Because Google Map is developed for guiding peoples. But you can add your home address to your Google account. Which means your home address will be shown only to your google account only to your self along with the device where your account has been already login.

Processor To Add Home Address To Google Map 

There is an simple processor of adding home address to the google map. Just flow up the below given step by step instratutons.

Step 1: 

Open Google Map in your or laptop or desktop you can also add your home address via google map application.

Step 2:

Tap and hold to drop the pin on the location of your home. In desktop double pointed to your home to drop the pin.

Step 3:

Once the pin is dropped in the map, The details bar will appears. After this drag the details bar up to see more options.

Step 4:

Click on the option called  “add missing place”. Now add the details of your home such as address, house number and street name.

how do I add my home address to Google maps.

Step 5:

After completing 4 step. Select the home as in category. Hit submit button after reviewing your home address details. To complete the process of adding home address in google map.

Congrats! you’ve added your home address to the google map. However, you can’t it to the social network platform because google don’t show it publicly.

How To Share Current Location In Google Map 

Google map also allows you to share your real-time location through cell phone or desktop.  You can sailing share your location to your friends or family members.

Step 1:

Open Google Map on your Android phone.

Step 2:

Tap on the place or the location which you want to share. You’ve to hold the

Note : In case google map doesn’t shows your real-time location you’ve to enable GPS mode in your phone.

Step 3:

Now at the bottom of the pin, tap on the place name or the address which you want to share.

Step 4:

Click on the share button > Select the social networking app or other app in which you want to share your real time location.

There are other steps to share real-time map on desktop and iOS device like iPhone for that read Google guides.

Important Things To Know About Google Map 

There are some important point or functions to consider that Google map don’t allow to users.

  • You can share a Map with a saved location. Because its private Google Map do not allow it
  • You can share a map with a distance measurement.
  • Google Map do not allow its users to take a screenshot of an map and share it on social networking websites.
  • Any other relevant point of Google Map.