25 Pet First Aid Kit App For iPhone

Dog First Aid Kit

If you own’s an animal then its health is your responsibility for this you must have a pet first aid kit application on your iPhone.  There are lots of animals first aid kits application available for Android and iPhone cell phones with the details of first aid kit supplies and much more.

Essential Pet’s First Aid Kit App For Pet Lovers 

First aid kits applications such as red cross first aid kit and some other application where very helpful for the pet in critical situations. Recently, one of my friends owns a bulldog, call me and asked if there any online pet first aid course website. So it’s more than for every pet lover to install reliable a pet apps.

1 # Red Cross Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid Kits
Red Cross Pet First Aid Application for iPhone

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American Red Cross Pet First Aid application is listed as one of the best pet apps. The application comes with the step-by-step guide you through everyday emergencies in the palm of your hand. In it, you can easily get all information regarding your pet health and prepare and protect it.

One of the best content, I found in this application, they teach first aid steps for over 25 common pets situations though videos, text and much more. You can also locate the nearest emergency vet hospital for pets.

 2 # PetCoach by Petco

Pet Apps For iPhone
Pet Health Care Application

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The Pet Coach application is developed by PETCO animal supplies store. This pet app is free to download and install without any subscription plan or something like this. Pet Coach is a leading free veterinary advice source it was also certified US veterinarians, dog trainers, pet nutritionists and other pet health experts.

3 # Pet Page – Pet Health Advisor

Dog First Aid Kit
Pet Health Information ask a question regarding your pet health

Pet Page is a free pet healthcare advice app and developed by Ally Animal Hospital.  In this app, you can ask a question from pet health experts relevant your pet health issues. The interface of an application is user-friendly you can access all features from the homepage.  You can also request appointments and prescription refills.

4 # Animal Poison by ASPCA

pet expert appointment

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ASPCA is a well-known pet health experts where you can find all information regarding pets health issues basically its a platform to get complete knowledge of pets such there are lots of things that your pet shouldn’t eat which affects its health and much more. Basically, its app that tells you common household items such as toxic plants and drugs that harmful for your pets.

5 # Dog Buddy 

dog first aid kit app

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If you want to maintain your dog health than this one of the best app for the dog care application. Dog buddy has lots of features to keep tracking your dog health with this app you can easily track your dog’s veterinary, medications, vaccinations, allergies and much more.

The Dog’s owners always look after a dog care. For this Dog buddy, has a dog first aid kit list in which you can find a dog all necessary information relevant to your dog care.

6 # Petable

dog app for dog lovers

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Petable is developed for pet lovers by the team of veterinarians to help pet owners to keep tracking their pet health. The app contains almost all pet species including dogs, cats, birds and much more. With the help of this application, you connect with nearby pet experts from your vet such as dog vet or cat vet.

7 #  Cat Buddy

cat care

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Cat buddy is same application as dog buddy, this application has an all necessary features for cat lovers to track cat health and much more. The application is free to downloiPhoner iPhoe and iPad devices. The main features of cat buddy are cat profile, track cat weight and most thing a cat first aid kit.

8 # PetTech PetSaver


The PetTech Pet Saver is an app with complete information about Dog and Cat health. The app contains Pet CPR guides, Pet First Aid details. The information regarding pets dogs and cats health issues. The app has step-by-step instructions for CPR, list of poisonous items that can be hazardous to your pets and lot more.

9 # Pet First Aid

pet health issues

The app is developed for pet lovers it contains all regarding information of pet first aid kit and much more. The app has all health information of dogs, cat, puppy or kitten. Such as pets weight tracking, cuts and implement, to choking and CPR much more.

10 # Dog Walk 

dogs walk

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The Dog Walk is a free application for Android and iOS devices. It’s an exercise tracker for your dog walks. Using a GPS sensor on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. The app shows all information regarding your dog walks such route and display it on the map. It’s one of the best apps for keeping your dog health fit.

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