Microsoft Disclosed Xbox All Access In U.S only

Microsoft endorsed on its officially blog, its new Xbox All Access which allows Xbox lovers to play games with their family and friends.

However, company don’t published compete details of All Access but now cat is out the bag, there are some points that conform by Microsoft about this new item. After all the rumors comes true, Microsoft finally introduced its new subscription plan.

However, their is a catch in this, Sorry to say the new Xbox All Access in only available for U.S users. Which means if you’re out of U.S you don’t purchase Xbox All Access subscription plan.

But, according to the rumors, company planing to release it globally for all Xbox users. So stay still don’t get nervous.

Point To Be Noticed About Xbox All Access

Xbox All Access In U

Microsoft will released Xbox All Access in U.S. Which includes Xbox Console with All Access subscription along with Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. The Xbox lovers has to choose between two plans Xbox Os for $ 22 bucks per month or Xbox One X for $35 bucks per month. After completing the debt for 24 months the subscription plan is over and the console will be yours.

  • No upfront cost
  • One low monthly price
  • 0% APR for 24 months
  • 24 months of Xbox Game Pass
  • 24 months of Xbox Live Gold

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