How To Delete User Minus Sign Grayed Out

how to remove admin account on macbook

When you switch from old Mac user to new Mac user device and for this you’ve created a temporary Mac admin user and you’ve successfully upgraded to the new system. After updating to your Mac with a new admin account basically, you won’t face any technical issue.

However, when you try to delete the admin user on Mac, It won’t allow you the minus sign “-“ grayed out. I have also found a threat on Apple Community discussing the same problem. And we going to tell you how you can easily resolve this issue.

[ Solved]: Can’t Delete User on Mac When Minus Sign Grayed Out

Just follow the below given step by step instructions to resolve the issue.

Step 1

Go to the System Preference > Login Option > Join … > Open Directory Utility.

Step 2

Click on the user account to unlock it.

Step 3

Now go to the Directory Utility and search for the user account that you want to delete.

Note: You must login in your Mac using the original admin account

Step 4

Find the GeneratedUID field of the user account and copy it somewhere safe.

Step 5

Change the digit in it. For example 1 to 10 and save it.

Step 6

Navigate the main user account. open its GeneratedUID field, paste in the one copied above and save it.

Step 7

Open Terminal and run his command line “diskutil apfs updatePreboot disk1s1”.

Step 8 

Reboot your Mac.  After that login with the main Mac user.

Now you will able to delete the other admin user on Mac without having any issue. The minus now won’t run gray. Hope this article will helped you out. Share and comment.

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