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How To Create A New User Account In Windows 7

Microsoft Windows allows its users to create a new guest account on their personal computer. So if you want to keep secrets on your computer prevent them from your siblings then you must create a new user account on your PC. However, there are also

How To Restore Favorites in Internet Explorer

  Internet Explorer most common and default web browser comes with Windows operating system. When you’ve installed any version of Windows on your computer there is some pre-installed application. Sometimes due to some errors and problems Internet Explorer crashed and you’ve to reinstall it or

How To Disable Bluetooth On Windows 10

  Windows 10 comes with lots of new features compared to Windows 8 and Windows 7 but some features still remain the same such as Bluetooth connectivity on every laptop. But After upgrading to Windows 10 computer users can’t find a way to disable Bluetooth

How To Send Photos In Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger was web application same as other social networking messaging service such as WhatsApp. You can enjoy lots of services offered by Yahoo Messenger to its users, you can easily installed it on your computer or in your cell phone and start communicating with

[Solved ] : Windows 10 Activation Error 0xc004c003

When I try to upgrade My computer with Windows 10 then after some time its shows “Error code: 0xC004C003” Lots of computer machine users upgrading their computer with Windows 10 and after installing Windows 10 some computer users face windows activation error 0xc004c003 and they